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Bout this time every year I publish the health related books that I read over the course of the last year.  This has been a practice of mine since the beginning of this blog.  I don’t know why I do it, I just do.  I read slightly fewer books this year than normal, but only because for the first time this year I spent a ton of time perusing other blogs.  In particular,,,,,,,, and many others, some of which I became infamous for visiting.  My favorite of late is, which is pretty amazing considering that the author of the blog is on a low-carb diet. 

Anyway, here are the books I read in 2010.  Note, a couple, such as the Leangains Guide and Legends of Bodybuilding are not actually books.  The good ones – those that I found to be most influential that is (this is not an Oprah book list) are highlighted in RED. 

Eating Well for Optimum Health Andrew Weil
The MS Recovery Diet Ann D. Sawyer & Judith B.
The Biology of Starvation Volume I Ancel Keys et. al.
The Biology of Starvation Volume II Ancel Keys et. al.
The Great Starvation Experiment Todd Tucker
The Fat Resistance Diet Leo Galland
Fat: Fighting the Obesity Epidemic Robert Pool
The Gabriel Method Jon Gabriel
The 3-Season Diet John Douillard
Vitamin K in Health and Disease John Suttie
Root Canal Cover-Up George E. Meinig
Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms Datis Kharrazian
Food and Western Disease Staffan Lindeberg
The Fat Burning Diet Made Easy Jay Robb
The Liberation Diet Kevin Brown
The Leangains Guide Martin Berkhan
Eat Stop Eat Brad Pilon
The Fat Loss Bible Anthony Colpo
The Junk Science Self Defense Manual Anthony Colpo
The Ultimate Diet 2.0 Lyle McDonald
Cheat to Lose Joel Marion
The 80-10-10 Diet Doug Graham
The Abel Approach Scott Abel
The Permanent Fat Loss Diet Plan Rob Faigan
Western Diseases Denis Burkitt et. al.
Nutrition Against Disease Roger J. Williams
The Fat Burning Furnace Rob Poulos
Natural Hormonal Enhancement Rob Faigan
Great Expectations Clarence Bass
Handbook of Health Bernarr MacFadden
The Cortisol Connection Shawn Talbott
The Healthy Hair Diet Danny Roddy
Adrenal Fatigue James L. Wilson
The Wisdom of the Body Walter B. Cannon
The Stress of Life Hans Selye
The Female Body Breakthrough Rachel Cosgrove
Mr. America Mark Adams
The Power of 4 Paula Owens
Legends of Bodybuilding Musclemag
Vitality Supreme Bernarr MacFadden
Inflammation Nation Floyd Chilton
NEWtrition George Meinig
Anatomy of Anorexia Steven Levenkron
Overcoming Thyroid Disorders David Brownstein
Perfect Girls, Starving Daughters Courtney Martin
Dr. Sanjiv Chopra’s Liver Book Sanjiv Chopra
Health at Every Size Linda Bacon

Next year’s reading list is going to be legendary.  I’ve already got 80-90 titles lined up and plan on spending a lot LESS time perusing blogs in the upcoming year.  At the end of the day, books are better.  They are a culmination of certain people’s overall conclusions that they’ve come to after decades of research and experience all consolidated into one organized, typically easy to read format.  And I get to read them AWAY from the computer, which is key for my own personal health and sanity.

If there’s a book out there you suspect I haven’t read and really think that I should, please include it in the comments section below and I promise to get to it.  Maybe not this year, but certainly by the end of next year.  Anything that is remotely tied to health, nutrition, eating disorders, psychology, new agey stuff, and so forth is fair game.