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Wow, that time is upon us. The infamous time of year when I post the titles of all the books I read over the past year. Last year I hyped up’this list to be legendary. But I didn’t come close to reading all the titles I wanted to read, much less get to many of the great books that many of you 180 faithful suggested I stick my nose in. I was tearing up the books through about March. Then I couldn’t be bothered with anything that wasn’t written by Ray Peat. He is still, despite obvious shortcomings in his ability to put all of the pieces?of his knowledge together into something effective and practical, the most interesting living?health and nutrition writer on the face of this earth that I have come across (although Sapolsky is up there, which I also stumbled upon for the first time in 2011 – but interesting perhaps only because Sapolsky’s ideas intersect with Peat’s).

And then we all know what happened next. I decided to step outside of the books and explore the weird, wacky world of RBTI – which, despite my recent silence about it on the site, was overall the most enlightening experience from the standpoint of practical application of dietary change I have ever encountered. I will revisit it soon don’t you?worry. It’s badassedness?never ceases to amaze me. Nor does the simplicity of some of its most basic tenets. It offered up something beyond what can be found in any book. So I certainly don’t have any regrets that what?I?found wasn’t written on a page to be documented in the following list! JT was right! I’did need to get out and get some real world experience.

And I’m of course flipping out over all of the things I hope to explore in 2012 – stretching out to explore the likes of Aubrey?de Grey while loosely?field-testing the health ideas of an anonymous?Native?American?Rapper . Should be interesting!

As always, I have highlighted the most influential books in RED for those who share the sickness with me. And scroll to the end if you would like to hear a few words about how I personally went from hating reading more than watching paint dry to ripping through 50 or more titles per year for 5 straight years. Hint:? It wasn’t through discipline, hard-work, goal-setting, or reward-chasing… and it required no motivation.

The Obesity Myth?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Paul Campos

The Anderson Method??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? William Anderson

The Homocysteine Revolution?????????????????????????????????????????????? Kilmer McCully

Intuitive Eating?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Evelyn Tribole

Nutrition For Women???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Ray Peat

Generative Energy????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Ray Peat

Progesterone in Orthomolecular Medicine???????????????????????????? Ray Peat

From PMS to Menopause?????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Ray Peat

Body By Design???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Kris Gethin

The Hungry Gene?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Ellen Ruppel Shell

PACE????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Al Sears

Fat?So!?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Marilyn Wann?

The Perfect 10 Diet???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Michael Aziz

Weight-Loss Salvation??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Stuart McRobert

The Craggy Hole in My Heart and the Cat Who Fixed It. ??? Geneen Roth

When You Eat at the Refrigerator Pull Up a Chair ?????????????? Geneen Roth

When Food is Love???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Geneen Roth

Riptide????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Barbara Hale-Seubert?

Losing It???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Laura Fraser

The Great Cholesterol Con?????????????????????????????????????????????????Malcolm Kendrick

Mind and Tissue???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Ray Peat?

Deep Nutrition??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Catherine Shanahan

The End of Overeating??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? David Kessler

Grow Young with HGH????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Ronald Klatz

The Solution to the Dangers of Modern Nutrition?????? B.J. Hardick and Kimberly Roberto

Play as if Your Life Depends on It????????????????????????????????????????? Frank Forencich

Exuberant Animal?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Frank Forencich

Change Your Body, Change the World?????????????????????????????????? Frank Forencich?

Psychodietetics??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Emmanuel Cheraskin

The Don’t Go Hungry Diet???????????????????????????????????????????????????? Amanda Sainsbury-Salis

Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers???????????????????????????????????????????????? Robert Sapolsky

Choose Life or Death????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Carey Reams

?META Medicine????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Richard Flook

F**K It??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? John Parkin

Soil Fertility and Animal Health???????????????????????????????????????????? William Albrecht

The Health Theory????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Challen Waychoff

Health Guide to Survival ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Salem Kirban

Introduction to the RBTI???????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Challen Waychoff

The Secret is in the Diet????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Challen Waychoff

The Only Health Guide You Will Ever Need?????????????????????????? Challen Waychoff

Choose Life???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Challen Waychoff

RBTI Level I??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Challen Waychoff

RBTI Level II?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Challen Waychoff

RBTI Level III???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Challen Waychoff

CNS Workout????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Pete Sisco

Train Smart???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Pete Sisco

Punished By Rewards???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Alfie Kohn

The 10,000 Year Explosion???????????????????????????????????????????????????? Gregory Cochran and Henry Harpending

Muscle: Confessions of an Unlikely Bodybuilder??????????????????? Samuel Wilson Fussell

Catching Fire????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Richard Wrangham