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Hey look! That’s me heckling vegans “manning” the booth for the T. Colin Campbell Foundation!!! The girl over my shoulder called T. Colin Campbell later that day, asking for her butt, boobs, and bone density?back.

Howdy peeps… Here are some short?video clips of the people I shared the stage with at the 2012 Fit Expo.I’ll post my short’talk?later,?along with Mike Tyson’s – although?it ain’t nothing special (mine that is, Mike’s is freakin’ hilarious – including the line “I hope I die this way” in reference to his vegan diet). As you browse through, it’s pretty funny to see the conflicting viewpoints of all these?people.I find it actually makes things kind of refreshing in a?way. Like more rules just slipping out the window. It is a good reminder of how funny this whole weird, wild, wacky world of health is.

And it was actually interesting for us all to hang out together in the weird, bodybuilder environment we found ourselves in. On the internet we of such varying viewpoints might seem to be mortal enemies over the fine details, but together we shared some pretty close kinship – because in that building we all had a lot more in common with each other than with the calorie-counting bodybuilder folk looking for the latest supplement and slow-release protein powder. Hey, even the uber omnivorous Matt Stone won’t eat Splenda! Overdosed on that once and had a weird metal taste in my mouth for a day and a bad case of insomnia.

The first is Lori Painter – mostly raw vegan… high-carb/fruit-based. I have had’two banana and kale smoothies in her honor since witnessing her talk. I’m sure I’ll be writing about the?”life force” of living, raw foods someday. You probably won’t be reading this?blog anymore by then. Based on appearances alone, you?would want to?be doing what?Lori is doing…

Next in the lineup was Nell Stephenson, author of a new book called Paleoista. She is a hardcore Ironman triathlete and?Paleo eater?and perhaps the leanest woman at the entire convention – including all the crazy psycho bodybuilder chicks on meth and?roids. I almost tried to get a shot of the impressive striations in her calf muscles, as they twitched with worm-like veins scrambling about with each slight movement. But’thought that would have been a little douchey of me. It was nuts. If you wanna be super lean, be like Nell and exercise like 10 hours a day on a Paleo diet. Proceed at your own risk!

Then we have Dr. Del Millers. Total soy-chugging, PUFA-philiac badass. Typical bodybuilder nutrition type of stuff. High-protein smoothies and pancakes and stuff…

Followed by someone who should need little introduction here – AnnMarie Michaels of She’s currently writing about me a lot (to the dismay of many Matt Stone haters) and doing some RRARF’ing. She’s very proud that she has doubled her food intake and hasn’t gained any weight, while temps are raging.I got her peeing on a refractometer and everything! Totally brainwashed her!!! Victory is mine! Here she discusses sweeteners amidst a hailstorm of questions about the glycemic index from a neurotic woman in the audience…

Next is Tara Rayburn. She’s a cool lady and very enthusiastic. She’s super real, talking about the pivotal importance of the things perceived as the “little things” (like taking a break during the?day to just breathe and relax)’that are actually quite important (unlike a lot of the dietary minutiae people lose their minds over these days)…

Next is Chuck Norris’s brother, Keith Norris. Keith doesn’t know that Chuck is his brother, but I say it’s so, and I’m Matt Stone – no need to back anything up with real scientific facts and data and triple blind studies. My gut told me he’s Chuck’s brother. So that’s just how it is. My first thought was, “no way he built that body on a low-carb diet.”? I got lucky and captured him talking about precisely that in the clip I got of him. He’s a super nice guy, and didn’t smash me with his fist like I feared. Our armwrestling match afterward was a blast. I’ve never had that much trouble defeating someone before!!! Longest 2.3 seconds of my bicep’s life!

Last but not least is Gina LaVerde. She talked about Autism, as she has a son who has recovered?quite well with some of the dietary tinkering they’ve done since he was diagnosed. Her son liked me because I talked about?ice cream. I got kids wrapped around my little finger. I’m like Ronald MattDonald like that. Her talk was very inspiring – almost tear-jerking with her healthy, vibrant little guy sitting there in the front row. Gina is a former vegan but is on the mend…

Stay tuned for my talk in the next post. And Iron Vegan Mike Tyson who exaggerates everything and rarely says anything that makes any “thense.”