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About 180D

Welcome to 180DegreeHealth, the world’s top source of independent health information…

Formally established in 2008 by author and independent health researcher Matt Stone, 180DegreeHealth is an organization dedicated to researching and reporting on nutrition, health, disease, metabolism, exercise, and related topics. The site adheres to no philosophy or ideology, but rather seeks out truth in health matters in the form of an ongoing research project. Unlike other health organizations, it does not defend any preconceived conclusion or lean on trendy or popular assumptions built on a weak foundation.

The purpose of the site is primarily to educate the public about important health fundamentals and provide simple, realistic, and practical do-it-yourself health information with minimal reliance on gurus, experts, and other authorities that may be poorly-informed or not have the individual’s best interest in mind. The site encourages individuals to, when feasible, play a more participatory role in the maintenance of their health, including making decisions about personal health practices without turning all power over to an outside commercial entity.

The information and discussion found on the site is completely free of any financial bias or conflicts of interest. The site does not sell nutritional products, gadgets, exercise equipment, apparel, or anything other than information itself ? reported as honestly and accurately as possible given the current level of understanding of the website’s authors. There is no paid promotion, affiliate sales, third-party product promotions, or paid advertising of anyone else’s information or products other than the educational materials found on the site and in bundled products that contain one or more of the site authors? materials.

In other words, this site provides information and guidance only ? with minimal commercial pollution of that information ? holding itself to a journalistic ethical standard.

A vast amount of information can be viewed for free in hundreds of posts, tens of thousands of comments, and in the site’s forum. Organized materials have also been put together for sale at a reasonable cost in the form of books, audio, and video programs available in THE STORE and through outside vendors such as Amazon, and Lulu. The site also offers a variety of consultations and classes through the 180 Get Help Program.

If you are an open-minded and inquisitive person with an interest in health, you will thoroughly enjoy the site. We welcome you and any thoughts, opinions, personal experiences of value, or information you wish to share in post comments. The site is completely open and uncensored and encourages free debate and expression about any health topic or philosophy.