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Oh man I’m feelin’ it! No not adrenal fatigue. IT! Like, my mojo is flowing and I’ve undergone several major breakthroughs in my understanding of late. The first has been that sugar (as?opposed to starch)?is probably your friend, not your enemy. An even bigger breakthrough for me perhaps has been developing a much deeper understanding of amino acids and why muscle meat, poultry in particular, has consistently been throwing my body into an inflammatory and hyper-stressed tailspin despite my religious adherence to a low omega 6 diet?(and always has, but I never could come up with a logical reason for why that might be). We’ll discuss this later in the week. It’s beyond fascinating and the health impacts for me have been instantaneous.

Anyway, adrenal fatigue has been an ongoing item of discussion?at 180 for a long time. Just a couple days ago Hawaii Girl?was asking about potassium in fruits and orange juice and?wondering if this was the true “no-no” that James L. Wilson, author of Adrenal Fatigue, claims it is for adrenal fatigue suffererers.?But other than what is laid out in my eBook about how to RAISE YOUR METABOLISM, which’tells people to rest up, get plenty of sleep, avoid endurance exercise, and eat lots of food at the first sign of hunger throughout each and every day – we really haven’t addressed the topic.?My specialty has been knowing what causes it, not necessarily how to recover from it other than stopping all the crap that caused it and putting a rabbit’s foot on your keychain.

But I’ve been very pleased to find’the Rubin’s of East West Healing lately, who I believe are breaking beyond the adrenal testing and supplementation?model of dealing with the disorder. And they are doing it primarily by following the ideas of Ray Peat – high meal frequency, sucrose-rich?foods combined with?proteins having a low-inflammatory amino acid profile (eggs,?cheese, gelatin), and of course a high ratio of saturated to unsaturated fat to keep from interfering with glucose clearance.

Anyway, I can’t wait to dive into this into the near future. I?am scheduled to?be on Josh and Jeanne’s blogtalk radio show on the 22nd later this month in which we’ll get to talk about some of this stuff two on one, and really dive into the practical of what really does work for getting people unstuck in their battles against sputtering adrenal glands. Here’s a great video by Josh done on Friday explaining where he’s coming from on the topic of adrenal fatigue and why he’s talking so loud. Josh is taking some courageous steps towards not only rethinking adrenal fatigue, but RE-SPELLING adrenal fatigue!!!