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Marketing Tips for Affiliates

More specific marketing tips to come in the future. For now, we can at least recommend the top ways to use your affiliate link…

1)?Send out a bulk e-mail. ?If you have a direct marketing list, you can send out a notification to the people on that list containing your affiliate link. It works best if you are specific and talk about what’the user should?buy and why they will benefit from it – or how you benefited from it.

2) Insert the link in a blog post.?One great way to?get sales and raise awareness about 180DegreeHealth is to insert?one of your affiliate links?into a blog post using your affiliate-specific links?as hyperlinks to certain phrases. An example would be…

“I read this booked called?DIET RECOVERY and it helped me raise my body temperature by 2 entire degrees and I got my sex drive back!”


“What I would really recommend doing is actually working with Matt one-on-one after reading a couple of his eBooks. You can find all of that together at the 180DegreeHealth Store.”

Example 1 is linking to a product-specific hoplink. Example 2 is?linking to a non-specific page, which sends users to the store instead of the specific sales page for?a particular?product. To do this you will need to custom-build your affiliate link following the direction in the FAQ page.

Another great option is to follow the guidelines in our FAQ? to amend your common hoplink to link to any 180 blog post?while still generating your affiliate cookie and earning credit for any resulting sales.

“A recent study came out about calorie restriction. Matt Stone has some thoughts on why this doesn’t work in the real world.”

3) Request a guest post or interview from Matt Stone for your site/blog. If you have a large enough audience on your radio show, podcast, youtube channel, social networks, or blog – Matt Stone of 180DegreeHealth will be happy to write a blog post or do a written or audio?interview?on the topic of your choice. Then you can plant or plug your affiliate links however you see fit. To request an interview or guest post from Matt, please contact us and?describe the size and/or quality/loyalty of your following, and pitch your idea for a topic.?Even if you plan to do your own blog posts and videos to promote 180DegreeHealth, this is a great thing to add to it.

4) Run a banner ad.??Banner ads can be created for you upon request. Putting a banner advertisement?in your posts or in prominent places on your website or blog can be highly effective and?requires very little effort on your part. Check in at THIS PAGE from time to time for updates on?different banner options.

5) Youtube Videos. Other ways to use the links would be to put the links in the descriptions of your?youtube videos.

6) Social Networks.? Send out your affiliate links to the following you have on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites. You can even get in the habit of sending out your amended common hoplink (instructions in our FAQ) directing folks to our newest posts, generating some buzz and excitement on the site, helping keep 180 visible in the eyes of your followers, and making sure you get your affiliate credit. Instructions are on that FAQ page for making a Twitter/Facebook friendly abbreviated link.

7) Comments. Leave your affiliate links in comments at other sites, on Youtube videos, in Facebook comments or threads, on popular Forums, or wherever you like to participate. This borders on distasteful and is not recommended, but can be a way to generate some sales.