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The 180 Affiliate Program

Welcome to the 180DegreeHealth Affiliate Program. 180DegreeHealth is at the forefront of?health research and is looking for affiliates to expand that research to as large of an audience as possible. In its quest to do so, the company is offering what may very well be the best commission rates found on the entire internet, and willing to do whatever it takes to create an affiliate program that rivals any other. The program?includes a?90% commission rate on all books and bundles by Matt Stone, 50% commission on consultations by Matt Stone, and special sales and promotions on the sale of products, classes, and’services sold by other site authors.

180DegreeHealth offers specialised research that is unique to the health industry. Due to the unique nature of the products, they sell extremely well and offer the affiliate a unique opportunity to profit in an arena where most products are simply re-hashed information.

Signing up for the 180DegreeHealth Affiliate program is very easy and all instructions, marketing materials and full’support is provided to the affiliate. Instructions for signup are located at

If you have any technical difficulties with signup, please contact?us for support.

What is 180 Degree Health?

180DegreeHealth is an independent health and nutrition research entity dedicated to delivering the world’s most useful and?innovative do-it-yourself health information.

Who is Matt Stone?

Matt Stone is the founder of 180DegreeHealth, llc. He is an author, independent health researcher, and the?driving force of

What is the 180 Degree Affiliate Program?

The 180DegreeHealth Affiliate program is a highly competitive affiliate sales program offering the internet’s best?commissions on 180 original eBooks, audio programs, product bundles, and even one-on-one consultations.

Why is the program being offered? Why should an affiliate participate?

To disseminate?180DegreeHealth’s unique information and compelling health exploration?in an?industry full of false health claims, dangerous assumption, gross oversimplification, misinformation, diet fads, harmful information being promoted as a miracle cure, and’so on. By signing up and promoting 180DegreeHealth you will be reaching out to many people urgently in need of some of the basic messages and services of the site. To reach the largest audience possible, 90% of all revenue generated on all of Matt Stone’s books and bundles goes to the affiliate.?The intent is to solely?connect with people in need of the unique message of 180DegreeHealth, with no profit motive whatsoever.

Who can participate?

Absolutely anyone can participate. You do not need to own a business or have a successful website to participate. You can even earn income by simply sharing?blog posts with your social networks just like you may already be doing now.

How can an affiliate sign up?

Go to the following link to sign up…