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Signup Instructions

Signing up for the 180 Affiliate Program is easy if you follow these steps:


(1) Sign into the affiliate program

180DegreeHealth uses affiliate software provided by E-junkie.

If you have an E-junkie login, then fill in the email and password fields to log in.

If you don’t have an E-junkie login, then register by filling in the email and password fields.

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If you’re registering for an E-junkie login, please follow the activation instructions in the email they sent to your email address. If you have not received the email, please check your spam/bulk mail folder because it’s probably there.

(2) Once inside the Affiliate Admin area, click “Get Affiliate Code”

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At the top of the window on the next screen, you will see “Select Merchant” with a dropdown underneath. Select “” and then click “Get Affiliate Code.”

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If you are an existing e-Junkie user, you may not see listed. If that’s the case, then click the affiliate link in Step 1 again, and it should appear.

If you were formerly an affiliate and have been removed from the system, you may be blocked from the program. If that is the case, you may either sign up for a new account or contact E-junkie for assistance at or through their contact form.

(3) Hop Link Options

The next screen will give you “hop link” options. These are links with special code that ensure that, when clicked, a visitor from your blog will receive a cookie that tracks their purchases and links the commission earned to you.

The first is called a “Common Affiliate Hop Link.” Do not use this general link as the books, classes, and consultations available at 180DegreeHealth have individualized commission rates. Instead, use product-specific links (see below).

Below the “Common Affiliate Hop Link” is the heading “Get Product Specific Affiliate Links.”? Please use these.

  • These links are suitable for when you want to direct your readers to a specific product page at Note: any money they spend on the site, for that specific product that you linked to?or not, will result in affiliate income for you.

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You will receive updates by email each time someone makes a purchase. At the end of each month the sales are compiled and you’ll be paid within 10 days.

P.S. – You can also custom-build an affiliate link to any page on the site – such as a regular blog post. Instructions for how to do that can be found on the affiliate FAQ page HERE.