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Can I link to blog posts and still get affiliate credit?

Yes! As of October, 2012 we have that functionality, and it’s not hard. ?You’re going to want to use your common affiliate hoplink, which will look something like this:

Then you’ll add to the end

&ua_redirect=[whatever 180D link you want]

So for example. ?If you want to link to the post entitled “Cold Hands and Feet” at this URL: ?

It would become:

That’s all you need to do (red font not necessary). ?With this, you can link to any page on the site, posts old or new, and be confident that you get credit for any sales that result.

The only other step you might consider is abbreviating the link so it’s cleaner and shorter by using a link shortener like In the above example, that URL would become the much more link-friendly:

This shortened URL will still generate your unique cookie, so feel free to cross-link any time you want to share something on 180DegreeHealth with your followers.

Any troubleshooting needs, contact us for help.