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The following is an easy-to-understand explanation of the latest Alzheimers Disease information and contains advice for preventing Alzheimers and outlines suggested causes of Alzheimer’s.

Alzheimer’s, better known as old timers disease, is now commonly being referred to as Diabetes of the brain. To a large extent, this is true.

Alzheimer’s disease information suggests a very close link to glucose metabolism and high blood sugars.? Chronic high blood sugars have long been known to cause a host of problems most evident in those with the highest blood sugar levels ? diabetics. This includes eye damage, inability to heal properly, and excessive free radical damage in general.It may also be one of the causes of Alzheimer’s,which appears to simply be the same flaw in action but where gaskets in the brain are the first to blow.

High blood sugars result in a chemical process known as glycation and the formation of Advanced Glycation End Products (AGE). Glycated proteins are basically cauterized protein molecules like that on the outside of a nice piece of seared meat. The damage is most likely permanent and more or less irreversible.

Although the fine details are quite complicated, and even though brain damage from high blood sugars is probably next to impossible to reverse, Alzheimer’s disease appears to be just as preventable as type II diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and other disorders of glucose metabolism. You just have to know the basic suggestions for preventing Alzheimers.

But if alzheimers disease information and current trends on the increasing occurrence of impaired glucose metabolism are any indication, we are screwed if we don’t start taking the appropriate action now?

The appropriate action; however, is almost the exact opposite of the standard recommendation to exercise more, eat less, cut back saturated fat, and consume copious quantities of whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and dairy products. Although eating a ?clean? diet of the above-listed foods with no junk food added, in theory, could be a healthy diet effective for preventing Alzheimers? in actuality, few will succeed in overcoming addictive eating behaviors which include a host of junk foods that are the primary direct cause of insulin resistance and the resulting glucose metabolism disorder in the first place. provides you with a box of tools you can use to rebalance your body chemistry, will help you to move forward with ever-improving health instead of the declining variety, and I hope, will have you, like Santa, laughing all the way. And I’m talking real laughing, not just crazy insane asylum pre-old timer’s irrational laughing.