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By Matt Stone

News erupted this morning about Angelina Jolie’s preventive double mastectomy. I rarely see any news stories, which is why I so rarely “report” on something in this fashion, but this happened to catch my eye. A response was in order.

I first?came across the growing trend of getting your breasts removed – you know, just in case you get breast cancer, right at the very beginning of my health research in late 2004. I?willed myself to read something from a mainstream health authority as part of my comprehensive education. It was Isadore Rosenfeld, “America’s most trusted doctor,” who I first heard advocating this. I couldn’t believe my eyes, for two reasons.

  1. It is shocking that this is the best the medical industry can do
  2. It is shocking that this is the best the medical industry can do

Nearly a decade of comprehensive research later, and I find this even more outrageous, and understand more fully why the medical industry is so inept at preventing and treating disease. Well, unless you consider removing your breasts to prevent breast cancer “prevention.”? I don’t. It’s a silly concept to just remove something so that a disease does not develop. That’s like getting laser hair removal treatment on your scalp to prevent hair loss.

Anyway, Angelina’s docs supposedly told her, with her?mutated BRCA1 gene, that her risk of getting breast cancer was 87%. Okay, so they can’t prevent or cure cancer, but they know enough about it to provide an exact statistical projection of its likelihood?

BRCA1 functions a lot like?progesterone?in breast tissue because it?prevents proliferation of cells and opposes the destructive, cancer-promoting actions of estrogen.?Mutations in the gene basically create what functions like estrogen dominance in the breast tissue and elsewhere (the greater the ratio between estrogen and progesterone, the greater the cancer promotion amongst countless other negatives).?In the distant future, when medicine is finally decoupled from commercial?conflicts of interest, it will?be better understood that maintaining a high metabolic rate and thus high levels of?anti-estrogenic?hormones of youth such as’the powerfully anti-cancer hormone progesterone,?is where the battle against cancer of the breast and?most other degenerative diseases will be won. Until then ladies, keep getting your breasts removed and popping your estrogen?and “progestin.”

If this is the best the medical industry can do for?one of the world’s top female icons and celebrities, you’re in trouble if you don’t seek out your own prevention and solutions to your health problems – big and small.

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