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As sort of a follow-up to the last post, an update on some general conclusions that have been ascertained over the years of research and blogging, is this puppy ? ?Appetite for Destruction.

First off, it pleases me tremendously to title something after an album that debuted at the exact same moment that high levels of testosterone debuted in my gonads as a young lad. The timing was perfect, and only the Metallica ?One? video conjures up greater symbolism of manhood at that time in my life, after years of eagerly playing with He-Man dolls in anticipation of my impending man juice.

Anyway, here are what I’m attempting to call ?The 4 Pillars of Metabolic Ruin.

1. The first pillar of metabolic ruin is nutritional deficiency. As one of the earliest researchers in nutrition history discovered and firmly established, nutritional deficiency of any kind ? from a protein deficiency to any B-vitamin deficiency, brings with it great devastation to neurological, endocrine, and digestive systems. All kinds of striking metabolic changes could be seen in any species of laboratory animal and with any form of deficiency upon necropsy. The head honcho of this research was legend Sir Robert McCarrison. His commentary? I have been brought to the conclusion that much of the gastro-intestinal disorder so common at the present day, and much of the endocrine disorder probably almost equally common, though less readily recognizable, are attributable to deficient and ill-balanced food.

2. The second pillar of metabolic ruin is habitual usage of substances which overactivate endocrine glands and neurotransmitters ? better known as ?drugs. These include everything from prescription medications, most of which have a direct impact upon the biochemical system in some way, to recreational drugs, to ‘street drugs? such as artificial sweeteners, refined sugars, alcohol, and caffeine ? all of which are recognized to be highly addictive precisely because they are stimulating in ways that normal foods are not. Citizens of the United States, considered by my criteria to be the unhealthiest people on earth ? have the highest per capita consumption of artificial sweeteners, refined sugars, and caffeine. In the words of Melvin Page? ?Probably the danger in diet is due to the refined carbohydrates ? sugar, candy and all foods made with sugar ? and the effects of caffeine from drinking coffee, and the ?empty calorie? foods all of which upset the normal function of the glandular system?Anything that is a foreign substance to the body, which the body cannot handle in a normal way, usually upsets the proper functioning of the glandular system and this in turn accounts for unbalanced body chemistry of which too high a cholesterol level is one dangerous symptom.

3. The third pillar of metabolic ruin is excessive exercise and/or caloric and macronutrient deprivation ? better known as ?dieting. This is a classic case of fighting fire with fire. Dieting is a practice adopted by a person that typically has a poor or damaged metabolism that overstimulates weakened organs and glands while simultaneously undernourishing them. The promotion of dieting (from Atkins to Weight Watchers to Veganism) for health is perhaps the most counterproductive advice ever to penetrate the psyche of the masses. This is unfortunately strengthened by initial perceived benefits as these foolish practices are adopted. Long-term results vary between mediocre to catastrophic.

4. The fourth and final pillar of metabolic ruin is probably the least understood and acknowledged of them all ? poor heredity. The mainstream mindset still maintains that genes are set in stone ? just like if mom had attached earlobes, you will too. Because of this, the boat has been entirely missed. Heredity is fully capable of declining and degrading from generation to generation. The metabolic health/glandular function of the parent generation greatly influences the health of the offspring. Weston A. Price did an excellent job of documenting this, but any idiot can observe the drastic declines in health from generation to generation. Obesity, type II diabetes, mental and behavioral problems, infertility, crooked teeth, tooth decay, and poor eyesight are but a few of the most prominent worsening conditions. It’s also why grandma was able to ?eat chocolate candies all day long, smoke cigarettes, and be thin as a rail to age 97,? while no one else appears to be able to get away with doing such things. As a species, we are weakening, and the significance of it is drastically underestimated and remains virtually unrecognized. Pillars 1-3 make the 4th and perhaps most important pillar of metabolic ruin exponentially worse.

If there was a fifth and sixth pillar, they would probably be excessive consumption of oxidized and rancid vegetable oils and toxic burden of industrial/agricultural chemicals and food additives.

?All degenerative diseases are a result of malfunctioning of the endocrine glands, either due to heredity or damage by environment, (primarily due to a bad diet), or a combination of the two factors which is more common.

-Melvin Page

?Welcome to the jungle, it gets worse here every day.

-Axl Rose

?[Insert pillar of metabolic ruin] has taken my sight, taken my speech, taken my hearing, taken my arms, taken my legs, taken my soul, left me with life in hell.

-James Hetfield