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This work with Challen is heating up and getting more and more interesting every day. I’m away from my beloved Wheeling at the moment, but used one of the simple rules of RBTI today to prevent someone going into a seizure. In fact, the person was so disoriented that she thought she had had a seizure and?rushed to the bathroom mirror to look for bite marks on her tongue. But there were no?bite marks because the vast majority of seizures are incredibly easy to prevent when you know what Challen refers to as, “The rules of the sugar.”? In fact, not only?was this person’s seizure prevented, but ten minutes later the splitting headache was gone,’there was no sign of disorientation or loss of coordination, and she was talking 90 miles per hour, smiling,?and in?a good mood.
And that’s just?how RBTI is. It’s impossibly simple, quick, and easy. So much so that no one believes it.
Anyway, got a good interview coming up on Monday with a person who was bedridden with a side of thyroid cancer six months ago and is in great health today after following the guidance of Challen Waychoff. Thought I would torture all you first with something not pertaining to RBTI…
Here is a month-old?interview I did with Armi Legge – a pretty remarkable young triathlete, blogger, and podcaster who is only 16 frickin’ years old!!! Way ahead of his time this one. Thanks to Armi for doing it. I owe him and arm and a leg.?Haha, ya get it?!!! Bet he hasn’t heard that one before.