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Avoid GMO FoodsBy Matt Stone

I just got off the phone with my eBFF Joni Cox. We were discussing potential plans to release “180 Radio” with live-streaming interviews, Q and A where peeps call in, and a lot of other real cool things.Joni, the broadcastin’ broad (who mentioned on the call that she is flexible and can juggle… I think she’s in the wrong industry), would be the primary host and overseer of 180 Radio. But Joni is of course not a brainwashed disciple of mine. Like today’s Tom Sawyer, her mind is not for rent. She kept going on and on about how she wanted to make sure “my message” went out.Turned out what she was the most apprehensive about was the fact that she is a very vocal basher of GMO – genetically modified foods and products, which is something that is rarely discussed on this site, if not downright brushed aside as if it doesn’t exist.

This spawned a very interesting conversation that yielded some pretty sensible conclusions – not just about GMO but a lot of the “big bad wolves” in the healthiverse.

Should you avoid GMO foods? Are GMO foods “bad for your health?”

I think they are, and the odds that GMO’s do more harm than good to our individual health as well as to the health of our’society, ecosystem, and beyond is highly likely if not certain.

So it seems obvious that we should avoid?GMO foods. And we should all stand on top of the mountain shouting about the horrible villainous GMO’s. Right?

Doing this for as long as I have, and working one-on-one with?many hundreds of people over the last couple years, has shown me two important things… the importance of individualization and the importance of prioritization. Different people need to hear different things. Different people need to prioritize different things. Like I said in the book Garrett and I have coming out in September

“For every junk food junkie in need of a clean diet to displace pizza and ice cream, there is a neurotic clean-eating health Nazi or obsessive dieter in need of eating pizza and ice cream to displace kale, brown rice, egg whites, and grassfed beef.”

Would?you tell someone with a full-blown eating disorder, already?paralyzed with?worry about phytic acid, nightshades, gluten, casein, PUFA, goitrogens, oxalates, fructose, meal frequency, insulin, and 48 other things… AND looking for a reason not to eat, that there’s a bunch of nasty stuff about GMO – hidden in our food supply without?labels, that will irreversibly impair one’s health in unforeseen and creepy mad-scientist ways?? Of course not.?Folks like that?need to reconnect with eating for pleasure, remember their favorite foods, stop reading labels, books, and blogs, and return to normalcy as much as possible. Any talk of “good” and “bad” foods makes the problem worse, not better.

On the other side of the spectrum, would you tell?a prediabetic?with gout, hypertension, and a 50-inch waist eating fast food 10 times a week to not worry about the quality of their food?? Of course not. They could probably benefit tremendously from the PUFA, GMO, MSG, Trans-fat sermon in heavy doses – getting inspired to improve the nutritional quality of their diet and put a little more effort into self-care.

That’s why there’s room for multiple messages. That’s what Joni and I talked about, and that’s just scratching the surface of our lengthy conversation and just one loophole often missed by people on a?crusade against?fill-in-the-blank evildoer. Others included of course the social and lifestyle?considerations of health-conscious eating, how we can only pick so many battles without driving ourselves nuts, etc.

Not all health problems on earth are magically cured by eating more carbs and calories obviously?(my main crusade). It just-so-happens that a big chunk of the internet health lurkers?are causing themselves health problems by avoiding both – intentionally?or inadvertently. My?general message and focus has changed over the years to meet the needs of the?audience that has found me. I hope you understand that.

What’s the final word on genetically modified food?? GMO’s suck! Just the idea of them and the cryptic corporate interests fueling their proliferation is enough to?concern me.I’very much look forward to the day when GMO foods are no longer part of our food supply. I will feel more relaxed eating Frosted Flakes, and that will be one less thing for the Worrier Warriors to choke on. (I’m not really sure what that last sentence means, but it sounds cool).

What do you think about GMO’s? Irrational phobia amongst the alternative health community and prominent conspiracy theory sensationalists??Or major A#1 priority?

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