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By Matt Stone

Hey it’s ladies night here at the D. Here are some things I’ve been reading lately or that I feel pretty confident is good – written by women or about women…

The first is Taking Up Space: A Guide to Escaping the Diet Maze by Amber “Go Kaleo” Rogers. Amber has written for the site in the past with an article on Strength Training for Women. She is probably the most closely-aligned person on earth?with the general sentiments at 180D when it comes to?fat loss and unnecessary dietary restrictions – so much so that she adopted?me and Napolean Dynamite’s?phrase “Eating the Food” and went on to start a huge?group on Facebook with that name. Her book is short and sweet and is one of the’sanest things ever written on weight loss. It’s a great reminder that?most don’t need to starve themselves or do anything extreme to succeed. It’s available on her site Go Kaleo as well as on Amazon.

Also, as I mentioned in Men: Don’t Let Your Woman Eat Salad, my two most recent and up-to-date books are available until April 23rd in Village Green Network’s Spring eBook Bundle HERE. 30 books for $39. ?Although I haven’t read the other books in the bundle, there are a couple of people in there who are very much in line with the general objectives here – that is, to raise metabolic rate and to be healthy eating in a relaxed, casual manner without extreme restrictions. There are brand new books by two of my favorites in there… One is Real Food for Real Life: How to Eat Healthy Without Going?Completely Crazy by?Emily Benfit (from The other is The Nourished Metabolism: The Balanced Guide to How Diet, Exercise, and?Stress Impact Your Metabolic Health by Elizabeth Walling (from, who has been commenting on my blog since 2008. They just came out and I haven’t had time to read either, but knowing the two of them and seeing the titles I know they will be great.

In other women’s health news, this article?called?why women should not?run?went bonkers all over the internet this past week. I thought it was quite lacking and sensationalist without distinguishing enough between the harmful effects of dieting and the harmful effects of running. Running is probably unhealthy for many individuals in a compromised state, but overall, in a healthy person that is carbed up, caloried up,?and resting well, and doing some complementary resistance training, it’s probably a?great and healthful thing in the right dose.

If you want something infinitely more insightful on the subject, read Suppversity’s Female Athlete Triad.

And of course, on the’topic of women,I don’t want you to miss yesterday’s post on The Best Natural Birth Control Method.