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One of the objectives for this year was to really make a point to steer folks away from their obsessive focus on diet, and to remember that this is their one chance to live life. While I’m sure some will watch the following video and assume that Buster’s parents must have eaten grassfed beef liver by the truckload and others will note that Buster doesn’t mention eating any fructose, or dairy products, or PUFA and a bunch of other blah, blah, blah – please try to get more from Buster than that.

Buster likes certain things in life, and he “doesn’t let anything interfere with ME.”? It’s just another reminder that health information and your diet and health practices?are to play a supporting role for living life “how you like it,” not take over to the point where you forget what having fun is like. There’s certainly a distinct possiblity that Buster possesses some health and longevity secrets much more powerful than Jack LaLanne and his “if it tastes good spit it out” slogan and other facets of health fanaticism that don’t sit well with me.

Ladies and gentleman, I present to you who is perhaps the fittest and most vibrant living centenarian on the planet, and Troy’s (Half Navajo) new personal hero…