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Okay, I’m a day late with these videos – filmed yesterday.  Today is officially day 4.  Feeling pretty good but a little run down.  Lookin’ pretty though.  My skin was very clear prior to starting this adventure, but it has definitely added some moisture and softness.  Ooh baby.  Bowels are funky, but getting back to normal (first 3 days I was shootin’ macadamia nuts).  Be back with another report by Monday at the latest!

And yes, in video 2 I play devil’s advocate as I always do with these silly diets, such as the current:

“Matt’s Idiotic Leche Kick (MILK) diet.”

Raw milk hasn’t always been a bed of roses for me.  It was, at one time, a toilet of thorns – I got a horrendous case of campylobacter from drinking raw milk about this time 1 year ago.  This was coming from some impeccably clean, grassfed, organically-raised cows that I used to milk myself.