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Acne is all the rage. It used to be just something teenagers suffered from and then outgrew. Not anymore. Acne, as well as several other skin disorders, is becoming increasingly common,but fewer people are aware that poor diet is the leading cause of acne.

Clearing up skin is really quite easy if you understand the link between acne and diet. However, sticking with a typical Western diet of vegetable oils with a sugar load of Biblical proportions makes the improvement of acne a near impossibility.? Acne, for the most part, is a disorder of fat metabolism, a product of poor digestion, and a disequilibrium of the body’s hormones (which is why young teenagers get it more frequently as their hormones enter a period of upheaval).

If anything, acne is but a barometer of serious metabolic chaos and poor overall health. The recipe for overcoming metabolic chaos and poor overall health is of course the primary focus of this site. As the underlying conditions leading to several forms of poor skin improve, so does the clarity and softness of the skin.? It happens quickly and reliably. More on the Dharma of Derma and causes of acne can be found at