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Arthritis is like any other ?itis,? like tendonitis, cystitis, diverticulitis, and more. The ?itis? is indicative of inflammation and pain. Arthritis, particularly osteoarthritis, is extremely common and on the rise. Contrary to popular belief, your pain can be greatly reduced with the adoption of a certain arthritis diet. yes, there are arthritis natural remedies! Once you understand the cause of arthritis, you’ll understand how simple alternatives to your daily diet will help reduce crippling pains.

Inflammation is all the buzz. Even Harvard is starting to catch on to the fact that almost all illnesses have a close link with the body’s inflammatory response.? It’s nice of them to finally start replacing ‘saturated fat? as the scapegoat for all of our problems shy of economic recession.

Inflammation is designed to heal, but causes great pain. Unfortunately this inflammation can backfire on us when it becomes chronic and systemic.

Author Barry Sears, the guy who wrote a ?Zone? book for everything from Entering the Zone to Playing Underwater Chess in the Zone (I’m joking), has done great research on inflammation’s connection to diet and lifestyle. Sears focuses on a group of hormones that the body produces in each one of its trillion cells known as Eicosanoids. Eicosanoids are fascinating, somewhat recently-discovered substances in the human body that come in pairs with diametrically-opposed functions. One thing they regulate in particular, is inflammation, as one set of Eicosanoids has anti-inflammatory qualities while its complementary opposite has inflammatory qualities. The balance of these two types of molecules has much to do with the quantity of inflammation we feel, and can easliy be the primary cause of arthritis.

Sears recommends employing arthritis natural remedies that focus on? regulating these molecules by lowering insulin and cortisol via eating a diet that has a small, but not too small, amount of carbohydrates paired with high-dose fish oil rich in Omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. Many people no doubt have had good results with some of Sears arthritis diet recommendations. Others have come up short.

It’s true, there is a huge connection between diet and inflammation, and arthritis can be successfully improved with diet.? However, the diet itself must balance bodily hormones better than Sears’s diet does in addition to minimizing what is often the greatest source of inflammation ? inflammation stemming from the digestive tract.

The way to do this is not always to eat copious quantities of fruits and vegetables as part of a mixed diet as Sears recommends, a common source of hormonal instability on behalf of the fruit (due to malabsorption of the fruit sugar, fructose), and a common cause of digestive distress on behalf of the indigestible fiber found in these foods.

Although dietary fiber, still touted as practically the Jesus Christ of food substances, does not outright cause inflammation, digestive disorders are greatly worsened by its presence in excessive quantities ? especially when accompanied by an otherwise balanced diet. The result?? Increased production of inflammatory substances that lead to increased pain and increased risk of disease often beginning with arthritis.

Arthritis can be greatly improved by doing everything from juice-fasting to stifle inflammation, to taking high doses of ultraconcentrated fish oil as Sears suggests, to adopting a low-density, low-fiber arthritis diet built around nourishing traditional fats and animal protein rather than grains, vegetable oils, and refined sugar.? The latter happens to be the easiest, most nutritious, most effective, and most sustainable means of achieving improvement.

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