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Addiction and the causes of addiction are among my favorite topics, not because I used to be a crackhead or anything, but because the study of food’s effect on hormones and neurotransmitters related to addictive behavior is infinitely fascinating and complex. But it’s not just interesting, it suggests an alternate addiction cure. As it turns out, using a dietary approach to head any problems with alcoholism, nicotine addiction, drug addiction, or even just plain old caffeine, sugar, or white bread addiction ? is outrageously effective.

Julia Ross, Diana Schwarzbein, Joan Mathews Larson, and most notably Kathleen DesMaisons, have all used various forms to nutritional approaches for addiction treatments. They all have a success rate that greatly outperforms any treatment program or center on the face of the planet because they heal the underlying psychoneuroendocrinological (sorry, been dying to use that word!) root cause of addiction.

Causes of addiction start with your body. Addictive behaviors stem from an actual physiological state in the body and brain.? Key neurotransmitters such as serotonin, dopamine, Beta-endorphin, and many others exist in levels that are too low or are not active in the body enough due to the closure of receptor sites (downregulation).

Skeptical?? Well, maybe you should be. After all, failure to find an effective addiction cure is the rule, not the exception with virtually all forms of addiction treatments and all forms of addictive substances or behaviors. But know this?

Kathleen DesMaisons, author of bestselling book, Potatoes Not Prozac, is logging a 92% addiction cure success rate with alcoholics and others with addictions at her Radiant Recovery Center. She is promoting something so simple and easy as to eat protein and starch at every meal, at regular intervals, at the same times each day, while avoiding simple sugars.I think the endorsement of dietary fat in addition to those same principles, as encouraged here, has potential to be even more effective and will eliminate common causes of addiction.

This is real. This is not make believe. No matter what your addictions are, there is a way to bring the human biochemistry under such control that addictions can be overcome. An addiction cure does not require a life of deprivation and willpower, but instead removes the desire for substances that spike beta-endorphin, serotonin, and other powerful chemicals. Instead of feeling terrible, negative, depressed, and edgy when the chemicals are not there to raise the levels of those biochemicals, you can insure that they never get too low by eating the proper foods at the proper times and allowing receptor sites to open back up again.

The result – by changing the various causes of your addiction, you feel normal, good, stable, positive, and even stop thinking about that substance that has haunted you for so long.? Much more to come on the dietary strategy that must accompany any attempt at overcoming addiction can be found right here, at