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Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, Rett’s disease, Pervasive developmental disorder, and more are considered to be part of the Autism Spectrum. It’s described as a spectrum because there is mental and behavioral malfunction of varying degrees of severity, but the underlying abnormality itself has many common threads.There is still much to be discovered concerning the causes of autism, but the following autism information will help clear up confusion concerning this disorder and present some research suggesting a correlation between autism and diet.

Autism is not a cute disease where people repetitively talk about K-Mart prior to winning it big in Vegas. In fact, like K-Mart, it sucks. Parents of autistic children endure confusing, helpless, emotional imprisonment.

People have heard that Autism is on the rise. Few know just how alarming the spike in this disorder really is however. In less than two decades, the incidence of autism in some locales jumped from 1 in 10,000 children born to more than 1 in 100.? This is a big jump on any time scale. It’s a huge jump for a century. ?It is a terrifying jump for less than 20 years. Few know what to make of this or what to do about it. The vast majority of doctors haven’t the slightest clue as to the causes of autism and even less knowledge about how to effectively deal with it.

Luckily, the connection between autism and diet suggests that symptoms can be dramatically improved.Autism is one of the most responsive disorders to a specific dietary strategy that I am aware of.? Mothers worldwide who have sought out those answers, found them, and implemented effective autism diets have had promising results. Some claim to have even repaired their children to a degree where they can function normally once more.

From doctors to Playboy legends gone mom,autism information in the form of books and coalitions to raise awareness about the things that can be done, and that do make a difference, are popping up by the minute.

For starters, people need to understand what the disease is ? a digestive disorder.? Key neurotransmitters responsible for proper brain function and normal behavior and development are absorbed in the intestines. With severe malformation and malfunction of the digestive tract; however, the ?gut-brain? connection can go haywire to varying degrees, making digestive issues one of the major contributing causes of autism.

From the digestive disorder stems many of autism’s other complications such as the destruction of intestinal villi responsible for nutrient absorption as well as chelating harmful substances like heavy metals so they can safely be flushed out of the system. Autistic children; however, typically have all kinds of wacky nutrient profiles from malabsorption, high levels of stored mercury, and many other strange phenomena. The constant inflammation accompanying the digestion problems (symptomatic or not), fans the fire.

Although no one knows with absolute certainty all of the ins and outs of the digestive tract’s connection to the brain, and exactly what causes this digestive impairment in the first place, most speculation points to major bacterial overgrowth and an altered intestinal ecosystem. Antibiotics, oral contraceptives, vaccines, food additives, infant formula, environmental toxins, and processed food have taken much of the blame as causes of Autism. Personally, I feel autism may be more likely with some of these substances thrown into the scenario, but my personal hunch is that autism spectrum disorders are mostly the end-stage result of the degeneration process ? one that stems from many generations of faulty nutrition chock full of harmful substances, the greatest of which are refined sweeteners. In other words, autism and dite may be so connected that simple alterations in what we eat might just be the most effective treatment.

Regardless, be assured that Autism information that can be of great assistance to parents with an autistic child will be made available right here. It will be the most cutting-edge version in circulation, unencumbered by mainstream medical notions that think such a thing is a waste of time and that any diet that doesn’t fit the food pyramid is sheer suicide. Nothing could be further from the truth. Welcome to