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Cancer is extremely complex, and there are so many different varieties of cancer ? breast cancer, prostate cancer, esophageal cancer, lung cancer, testicular cancer, colon cancer, bone cancer, brain cancer, skin cancer, and more.For every type of cancer there exists a plethora of theories regarding the cause of cancer and the relationship between cancer and diet.But the cancer prevention diet so often touted by medical professionals is not always the best plan.

When I think of cancer, and I’m sure you’re on the same page with me on this, I think of Arnold in Kindergarten Cop yelling out ?It’s nod a toomahhhh!? Then of course my mind wanders to scenes from Commando and Predator mostly and I start shouting things like ?Get to the Choppa?Run!

Okay maybe that’s just me.

Cancer is no laughing matter. In fact, the disease is so uncomfortable, upsetting, unexpected, and mysterious that I can’t help but drift into Arnold land to keep from thinking about this frightening illness.

There are too many types and causes of cancer to make many sweeping generalizations about it, but one thing is for certain ? the more balanced your overall body chemistry, the lower your risk for incurring the disease.

By body chemistry I’m primarily referring to the hormones, neurotransmitters, vitamin and mineral levels, pH balance, inflammation, and blood sugar levels. Disturbances in any of these areas are a great sign of distress and imbalance, often accompany old age, and increase the likelihood of contracting any disease, cancer included.

The question is what can a person do to minimize these imbalances as age progresses?? The answer is lots of things. But in order to really make an improvement, good health and human function really must be understood ? and that’s one thing that is still a mystery to mainstream medical authorities, some of which recommend, for women at especially high-risk for breast cancer for example, to go ahead and get both boobs cut-off just in case. Outrageous-sounding perhaps, especially when you consider that this advice comes from ?America’s Most Trusted Doctor.

In actuality, rebalancing body chemistry through dietary means remains the most effective way to prevent disease of any kind. Even with infectious disease, pioneers of nutritional science like Robert McCarrison were able to show that proper nutrition was more effective at preventing disease than ‘sterilization or immunization.? The same applies to cancer. Cancer and diet are more linked than most people realize.

Various nutritional protocols and cancer prevention diet plans throughout history have even been used to treat active cancer cases with great success ? ranging from Max Gerson’s juice-fasting to even a zero-carbohydrate diet to bring glucose levels down low enough to starve cancer cells and minimize cancer proliferation (all cancer cells require adequate glucose to live and multiply).

Although sweeping claims about healing, treating, and preventing cancer are hard to make ? there’s not exactly a big pile of data out there showing the effectiveness of dietary changes on cancer considering that doctors must recommend, by law, standard treatments which definitely do not include following an experimental diet, the cancer and diet lifestyle connection will be perpetually probed for new developments, insights, and more ? giving you a great pool of ideas for how to steer clear of this illness.

As skeptical as you may be that a poor diet is one of the contribung causes of cancer, and that changing your diet a little bit can make a difference, remember that, as health researcher and advisor Konstantin Monastyrsky says, changing your diet ?isn’t exactly chemotherapy.? It’s harmless, and can often be very effective to do exactly that ? change what you eat. It’s low risk and high reward. More importantly, the attempts to improve the quality of life and life expectancy of cancer-sufferers, using mainstream medical strategies, has been one of the most legendary failures in history. Billions of dollars have been spent over decades, and the progress so minimal, and the incidence of disease so greatly increased, that it would be nothing shy of idiotic not to consider alternatives. And here’s your chance. Follow along here a for more (stuff about cancer and Arnold quotes that is).