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Sun is one of the leading causes of skin cancer, right?? Wrong. The causes of melanoma are far more complicated than modern medicine would have you believe. 180 Degree Health wants to present alternate research and information on skin cancer that fills gaps left open by conventional declarations.

Skin cancer is caused by the sun right?? Wrong. Skin cancer is caused by a combination of an underlying degenerative (cancerous) state within the body and poor skin which cannot properly protect and heal itself from solar radiation. Furthermore, the deadliest form of skin cancer, melanoma, has nothing to do with solar radiation. In fact, melanoma can strike anyone of any race, and often emerges on the soles of the feet and in other places where ‘the sun don’t shine.

Sunscreen won’t protect you. The tremendous rise in sunscreen use that parallels a huge rise in skin cancer is a testament to its ineffectiveness.Some people even believe that sunscreen may even be one of the contributing causes of skin cancer and the skin cancer epidemic. Personal experience, as well as logic, tells me that this indeed may be one of the possible causes of melanoma, for without sunscreen the skin develops a greatly-improved ability to withstand solar radiation. Not only that, but consider that sunscreen doesn’t block all forms of solar radiation. It merely allows us to bake out in the sun for longer than our skin is conditioned to allow. Our skin is built to hurt when we’ve gotten too much exposure, forcing us to find shade. Not so when sunscreen is applied, and we fry in the sun for far more hours than our skin would ever let us get away with if untreated ? and the damage is done, just without the discomfort of a pesky sunburn.

The most important thing to remember about skin cancer; however, is that the sun is not an enemy. Vitamin D, the sun vitamin, is synthesized from solar rays. Vitamin D also happens to be one of the most lacking nutrients in the diet of modern man ? so deficient that the National Institutes of Health issued a warning to take Vitamin D supplements to avoid deficiency. The irony is that getting natural sunlight without sunscreen, and the resulting Vitamin D synthesis, is one of the greatest cancer prevention lifestyle habits one can employ. Sunlight lowers the risk of virtually every ailment that has been investigated to have a potential relationship to it.

Despite what current information on skin cancer would have you believe, the sun is good. We evolved to be exposed to it just like every creature that ever roamed the surface of the earth. It is your friend. Most people spend too little time in the sun, not too much, and the list of potential consequences to both physical and mental health is long. More on this important and highly-controversial topic, as well as the recipe for maximizing the health of the skin for skin cancer prevention, will be revealed at