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We now have the amazing technology to splice foreign genetic material into plants and animals to create more well-endowed species. Isn’t it great! It’s the best thing since Jesus turned all of that bread and fish and stuff into wine or whatever.

Or is it?

Genetically engineered foods are pretty messed up.? Strictly from a moral, or ethical, or even historical perspective – things tend to go pretty haywire when humans try to play God. In the case of GMO foods, that’s exactly what we’re doing.

Like any new invention with virtually limitless profit incentives, the world is awash in information touting GMO foods to be a creation with nothing but altruistic and “advancement” motives. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

The dangers of genetically modified foods is an endless and ever-expanding list as we continue to understand the environmental and human health consequences of this global mad scientist’s experiment.

Fortunately, several countries in Europe have banned genetically engineered foods completely. In India, the professional protestors – the farmers, have gotten out their pitchforks and even taken down Monsanto operations by force.

Americans don’t even seem to notice that half the products on the supermarket shelves contain genetically modified foods. We’re always last to know it seems. Football and American Idol take center stage in our lives.

Not only are the dangers of genetically modified foods threatening the ecosystem by cross-pollinating with other plant species (which is particularly alarming, as Monsanto, the driving force behind GMO foods, wants to insure product loyalty and therefore have created the “terminator gene” that keeps plants from producing viable seeds), but GMO foods put our health at risk as well.

Jeffrey Smith, leading GMO foods expert and author of Seeds of Deception, talks at great length about multiple allergic reactions that are being reported, and mentions lab experiments with genetically modified foods that ended in disaster. Despite many of the terrifying implications of some of the early studies, and the inability of the agriculture industry to prove that GMO foods are safe, Monsanto, with its imperialistic hand, bulldozed all skepticism and apprehension and moved forward with this massive and risky experiment.

Never fear. You’ll never consume genetically engineered foods while following 180DegreeHealth.? Common GMO foods are soy, corn, canola, and other mass-produced agricultural staples. These foods are not picked up in the produce, meat, or dairy aisles, but are found in products such as crackers, cookies, soft drinks, salad dressings, fried food, and other packaged garbage that is eliminated on any and every 180DegreeHealth program.