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The comments section on “Weight Watchers Fail” is really inspiring.  Inspiring enough to make this official…

I, Matt Stone, am an anti-diet crusader.

Like I’ve said, if I find a way that truly allows us all to be lean without sacrificing our health and sanity, you’ll be the first to know. For now, we’re all going to shove a collective fist up the entire dieting and weight loss industry’s arse – perhaps extend a middle finger while we’re there. This will only be radically reinforced as I weave my way through Ancel Keys’s legendary 1300 page low-calorie manual… The Biology of Human Starvation, which I just received from my local library yesterday afternoon.

I’m also going to start today on a major overhaul of 180 Degree Metabolism: The Smart Strategy for Fat Loss. This will serve, I hope, as an anti-diet manual and primer. Sure, I say not to “diet” in the book, but it is still a low-carb, high-fat manual that is lacking. It is a diet, and I make the same foolish mistake that many diet authors make – I restrict a macronutrient group (although to a much lesser degree than other popular low-carb Bibles). So if you were thinking of buying it, wait. What I’ll be coming out with in March, 180 Metabolism (2nd Edition), is going to wrap up the concepts here, eviscerate the dieting industry including the low-carb scene, and hopefully give its readers the same sense of life-changing freedom that the evolution of this blog has led to.

For now, listen to my latest podcast, Death to Diets!