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Recently hailed as being “filled with good information, interspersed with pornography and bad language” – your favorite book, Diet Recovery 2, is now available in paperback through Amazon.?It’s currently going for $8.72, but will rise to $12-13 next week, so get it while the gettin’s good.

Be warned that it does indeed show a woman’s breasts in a fuzzy, low-quality image to demonstrate breast enlargement, among other things,?with an actual decrease in body fatness (probably should have shown this by requesting that she send in pics?wearing a sweater). It also contains roughly the same amount of swear words as the kids movie?The Goonies (yes, I counted).?It’s extremely offensive and something no mature person’should ever consider reading. It even has jokes in it and some’sexual innuendo with discussion of how metabolism impacts our reproductive system.

If you?know someone who has their hair falling out, dry skin, can’t poop,?can’t sleep, no energy, no sex drive, erratic mood… Please PLEASE! It is your moral imperative to avoid sending them this book. They might see?a four-letter word every 10 pages or so and, GOD forbid, see what a human being looks like when they are not covered with?clothing made in a sweatshop somewhere.

For those whose moral fiber?ripped apart years ago – and you?just want to selfishly help yourself or others live a more pleasurable life with?more’sex and?without the physical and mental burden?of chronic undereating, you can order the book HERE.