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It’s official. I’ve threatened to do a rewrite of Diet Recovery for nearly a year. I’m about halfway through a completely revamped and rewritten version of it right now. It is happening. If all goes well it won’t be too long before it comes out either. In fact, if I were to give one piece of advice to anyone attempting to write a book, it would be to write the book from start to finish in the fewest number of days as possible. This keeps your mind focused on what you are doing, keeps the flow going, prevents you from repeating the same thing over and over again, or having to constantly re-read the thing to remember what the heck you’ve said already. Plus, momentum is everything. Writing the first chapter or two of a book is like pulling teeth, but then you break into the flow. I’ve written up to 10,000 words in a day before. Serious flow.

Anyway, I’m off to work on it. I thought you guys might like to read some of the interesting things I’ve read lately, so I’ll leave a few links. I’ll probably still do a regular post later this week, but I thought I could buy myself a little more book-writing time this way.

Your Eatopia is a site that some of you have told me about, especially those who are recovering from more formal eating disorders. It’s a great site, and I even asked the site’s author, Gwyneth Olwyn, to do a guest post here. But she’s too busy working on some book projects. We’ll have to settle for what’s already published at her site. Her post on the phases of recovery of a restrictive eating disorder is a great place to start.

Matthew Bowen who comments here from time to time wrote a great post just the other day called the Porcelain Doll Diet. It’s very reminiscent of the early days of this site, and the initial push away from restrictive eating and towards greater dietary flexibility and resilience. I think you guys will love the Porcelain Doll Diet.

One of the most consistent and outspoken commenters at 180D for the past 2 years “solid” is Chiefrok. Chief’s always got some great ideas, and some great inconsistency with his own posts! But I guess it’s in his nature to be?”intermittent.”? His thoughts and ideas are?quite deep and provocative. His most recent post on his?original entry into the world of?restricted eating and’the role that played in the genesis of?his weight problems is?one of his best yet. Read Fat Loss Journey Part I: Diet Fail.

And last, if you’ve never read comedian Margaret Cho’s 2003 article entitled the Fuck It Diet, well son, you’ve really been missing something. Priceless beyond compare.

See you soon.

And for all those who will want to know if they should buy Diet Recovery now, or if they will get the new one if they do, blah blah… Just wait. When it debuts early next month I am going to run it on Amazon for 99 cents for all for the first few days, giving everyone a chance to read the new version for practically nothing (whether you purchased the older version or not). If you just bought it don’t feel bad. The old one is still a good book, and the new one?is going to have such a different emphasis it’s almost like a totally different book altogether.

And one more thing… Do you guys like being directed to a few good reads like this once in a while?? I can make this a regular thing is what I’m saying, if you guys want.