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By Rob Archangel

dietrecoveryA heads up for everyone out there. Diet Recovery: Restoring Hormonal Health, Metabolism, Mood and Your Relationship with Food has been given a facelift to reflect the current research and understanding of Matt and 180 Degree Health. It’s not Diet Recovery 3 or anything, but there are no more head-scratching moments where you’re advised to avoid fructose like it was the plague, or drink any certain volume of water per day, in contradiction to articles like When Is Junk Food Healthy?

You can check out the revised version in eBook form on Amazon HERE, or Barnes and Noble HERE. Also available through Kobo?and Lulu.

Prefer Matt to narrate it for you? ?Audiobook version available for free through?Audible?if you sign up to be a trial member Also available?on?iTunes, and?Amazon.

Paperback edition coming soon as well. Happy eating, y’all!