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1)???? At first you can’t sleep at all

2)????? You announce it to everyone on Facebook

3)????? You are 100% convinced you’ve found something that you can do for the rest of your life

4)????? You go on and on talking to your friends about it until they are sure you have gone crazy

5)????? You bring it home for the Holidays and make your family feel uncomfortable

6)????? You stop going out with your friends because of it

7)????? Your friends and family express concern that you are going to end up hurt

8)????? The more time passes, the less often you get an erection

9)????? You enjoy eating it at first, but after a while even the smell of it makes your stomach turn

10)? After a few months you start daydreaming of other flavors, and want more variety

11)? At first you make a lot of tasty, homecooked meals ? but then get lazy

12)? Over time you start to notice bad breath and body odor

13)? You start seeing things in the toilet that are strange, unfamiliar, and gross

14)? You lose your zest for life and start staying home and watching movies every night

15)? You pass no gas at first, then after a few months you start farting a lot

16)? You develop a strange rash

17)? Your sex life gets steadily worse

18)? It makes you feel cold, lifeless, and empty inside

19)? After several months you lose all your motivation to work out and stay in shape

20)? You start to cheat and feel really bad about it

21)? You spend time looking at alternatives on the internet, and watching videos

22)? You keep hearing that it’s your fault that things aren’t going well

23)? You tell everyone it’s over and they say I told ya so, what were you thinking??

24)? You find another and start the whole process over again

25)? After a few months apart you forget how horrible it was and you want to start over

Feel free one of you clever 180 ladies (Nipper? Haga? Hawaii Girl? Annabelle are you out there?)’to create one of these with a boyfriend/husband theme or similar. I’m sure the peeps would love it. I’m already laughing thinking of good ones, like:? “You wake up with 2 black eyes but continue to believe?it’s good for you.”?