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Eat for Heat is now available as a paperback through Amazon HERE. Small, skinny little fella, it’s a quick read and continues to be of huge game-changing importance for those who dare to make the subtle changes it discusses.?Perhaps the best and most accurate review came just last week…

“Weird that eating like this actually works?

I don’t get it. I really don’t. Half the things I’ve learned about health and nutrition are incorrect. Especially when you are in a low metabolic state, which seems to be anyone who has any sort of chronic condition.

I came across Matt Stone, actually from a Danny Roddy blog. I had been “Peating” for about 4 or 5 months, and actually felt worse than I ever have in my adult life. I have felt cold for awhile… ever since I was in my late teens. But doing the Ray Peat OJ, Milk, Gelatin thing, it took being cold to a new level. Temps were a steady 97.0 to 97.4, on average. I had a 95.5 temp one morning when I woke up, and my teeth were chattering (yet it was 71 degrees in my house). If it was under 60 degrees outside, I was shaking like a leaf.

Anyway, I saw Matt Stone on Danny Roddy’s blog, and decided to google Matt Stone. I read a few of his articles and thought, this guy seems like a tool, but he very well may be onto something here. I decided to buy this book, and I have to say, it’s fascinating. It really makes no sense to me, based on my knowledge of nutrition, but talk about a rapid turnaround in body temp and how I feel on a daily basis. It’s insane!

Within a week, I was sporting temps of nearly 98.0 after 5 months of low 97’s. I started wanting sex on a daily basis, instead of once or twice a week. I started wanting to exercise more. I noticed I was more active, seeking out more things to do with my days. All signs of being in a better state of health, for sure. I actually took a picture with my iPhone the first time my body temp hit 98.6, because no joke, I haven’t seen that since I was in high school. Now when people at my office crank the A/C down to 65 degrees, I’m not even bothered, whereas before, I would have needed a winter jacket, and I still would’ve been cold.

The only issue I’ve had, and he mentions this in the book, is that there will come a time where you will start running TOO hot. I never thought I would experience that, but I started breaking sweats in 68 degree rooms, and realized I needed to start incorporating more cooling foods and fluids back into my diet. Cooling foods are your traditional health foods, like fruit, vegetables, water, etc. It took awhile to find the right balance, because when I started drinking water and eating fruit again, my temp dropped to 97.4. But, back on the diet, it was normal again within a day.

This book may make a profound impact on your health, should you be in a low metabolic state as I have been for awhile. And if you’re coming over from a Ray Peat diet, you will probably feel warm for the first time since you began the diet, without crazy thyroid drugs and popping aspirin like skittles. I was always cold following his guidelines. And as I learned in Eat for Heat, I was drinking way too much fluid, and had way too high of a potassium to sodium intake.

It’s really crazy the little tricks of the trade that Matt has come up with to get you out of your chronic condition. When your body temp normalizes, so do your hormones. You start to feel like you have your life back. I feel normal for the first time in over a decade, thanks to Matt’s books. I would like to treat him to a nice big stack of pancakes.

Good stuff, Matt Stone!”

You can order it HERE.