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Eating Psychology Summit

Hey, it’s time for another summit hosted by Marc David–The Eating Psychology Summit. For those around in January, you’ll remember my appearance in the event as one of my strongest ever, and I think my talk with Marc in this event came out better than the last. I did quite a bit of storytelling, and Marc and I had such a good time that we plan to continue the conversation over on the 180 Radio podcast next month. So consider my appearance in this event Part I.

It should be a cool event. The theme is Eating Psychology. I can’t think of a more intriguing theme, as eating psychology is something that very few think about or discuss in health circles, yet it is something that nearly everyone struggles with–particularly in North America.

I’m not sure what day my talk comes out, but the window for being able to listen to it for free is limited. Register for the event and pay attention to your inbox for news of when my talk debuts. I’ll be watching as well and try to send out reminders to the 180D mailing list and on social media.

Register HERE.