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“Don’t call it a comeback, I’ve been here for years, rockin’ my peers, puttin’ suckaz in fear.  Making the jam, rain down like a Mon-soon, listen to the bass go boom. Explosions! Ova-powerin’, over the competition I’m towerin’!”

No I didn’t have to look those lyrics up sadly.  Had a car a few years ago that only had a tape deck.  Found an L.L. Cool J tape at a thrift store, and well, I listened to it a lot until I traded that puppy in.  Didn’t realize until now that L.L. stands for “Ladies Love.”  Classic.

Anyway, wanted to let you homies know that my guest post at the Fat Head blog is official.  Tom posted it late last night.  Hope I make you guys proud.  I put a little special sauce into this one.


I could be wading into some low-carb shark-infested waters in the comments section.  So far, so good, but if you see me getting disemboweled by a bunch of carbophobes over there, please step in and stick up for me.  Or else you guys’ll be in big trouble.

If you haven’t seen the Fat Head movie yet, you should.  Sure, it’s got a low-carb bias, but all in all it is simply the best film ever made on the controversial topic of nutrition – for those with a good head on their shoulders and a sense of humor.  Grab a copy.  Makes a great gift for those that think that it’s all about calories and exercise – but are unable to grasp the logic sequence of Gary Taubes in dry, 500-page behemoth book format.