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Here are some comments that I received from last post from someone who contributed a “Low-Carb War Story.”

Hi Matt,
Thanks so much for commenting on my Carb War Story. It was the first one in the last series that you commented on.

I have to say, your comments were not only helpful but hilarious. I especially love the one about my protein goal.

As of right now things are starting to balance out. I was seriously bumming about all the weight I was gaining, but my ever so logical boyfriend reminded me of the big picture. I so appreciate you men folk for just this. You help us women folk put things into much needed perspective at times when the emotions get a little too out of control. Anyway, I gained a total of 15 pounds, and in the last week I stopped gaining and actually started losing, and I’m down 6 pounds. It feels as though a switch was turned on in me, and things are starting to work as they should (emphasis mine).

My body temp is now at 98 degrees. It took about 2 months for this to happen. I’m glad I don’t need to use any desiccated thyroid.

So, again, thanks for your comments, your blog, ebooks and podcasts. You really are doing a great thing with all this information. It would have taken me so much longer to figure all of this out without your site. You are much appreciated.

My comments:

Oh our man emotions get plenty out of control too, don’t worry. My nads certainly don’t make me a more reasonable person than anyone else. I don’t think my logic is related to testosterone either. But thanks for trying to give all the credit to men. Please contact my girlfriend, sister, mother, etc. and tell them all to start thinking this way.

Not everyone will have these results – a plateau of weight gain followed by weight loss and a confirmed rise in body temperature with minor symptoms falling into place that is. But many will. You don’t have to be one in a million or a superhero to have this experience. This is precisely the results that the conclusions of my research has led me to believe is not only possible, but probable when you pull a full-on 180 on the mainstream ideas about health and nutrition.