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Ninja3DSquareThe ultimate affront to the barbaric practices of bribing kids to eat vegetables, restricting calories, forbidding certain foods, and otherwise interfering with a child’s instinctual eating cues is here.

Everyone has their own ideas about what is and isn’t healthy to eat, how much people should eat and exercise, and so forth. And these ideas are typically imposed upon young children by their parents. Under close scientific scrutiny,?interfering with a child’s eating, making a child feel fear or shame for eating foods they enjoy, giving rewards for eating foods they don’t like, making them feel that exercise is a penance for dietary indulgence, or otherwise creating a hullabaloo over the act of eating and exercising?yields inferior outcomes. This type of interference causes physical, social, psychological, and emotional damage. And the lifelong neurotic battle to try figure out what, when, and how much to eat commences,?drowning out’the instinctual?energy-regulating system with a million year track record of’success that?all creatures come programmed with.

Food Ninjas is the roadmap for breaking free from these bad habits, and raising kids that are free of this unproductive inner struggle against their instincts. Everyone knows someone who eats and lives in a carefree way and is healthy and lean as a result. With the Food Ninjas approach, your children can also enjoy being able to eat what they want, when they want, and thrive for life. Best of all, food will no longer be a source of petty conflict between you and your child.

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