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The free eBook I’ve been promising for a couple months is finally available.  It’s a great introduction to my conclusions thus far and the latest and most precise direction on how to raise your metabolism/increase body temperature to date.  Most of you received e-mail notification already, although my e-mail service does have a high failure rate – so many who have subscribed to the mailing list at may have not received it.  If that’s the case – send me an e-mail at and I’ll send a link to the file right back.

For those who haven’t subscribed at please take a moment to do so and you will receive the link immediately. 

Now everybody go read it and we’ll get a little Q and A going in the comments section here.

Look forward to a big week – including the latest update on Aurora and her jaw surgery recovery, the conclusions of my MILK diet affair – which concludes this coming Friday (30 days), and some venting about this girl that’s been living at my house for the last couple of months and appears to be attempting suicide by health (looks like she’s meeting her ammenhorea with a week of the ‘Mastur’ Cleanse).