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It’s time for more crazy Joey Lott shenanigans. Five new free health books. His books are so spot on though. I feel like, in a way, he’s carrying the torch here for the general 180D parade. These are some great, short, FREE reads for the next few days. It will keep you busy until I come out with MY new book next Friday. Yeah, I said it.Get excited. I’m releasing it for free as well cuz I’m?a fool for?popularity. Love me!

Now, enjoy some Joey Lott gold while you can get them for free (11/21-11/25)…

Just Eat?It (yes, it’s really called that!)

Natural Deception (eye-opening book about how bogus many of the claims of the organic movement are)

Sleep (awesome book about the importance of sleep?and how to get more of it)

The Mother of All Antioxidants (book about glutathione, recent blog post topic)

The Mold Cure?(overcoming mold sensitivity, a more common issue than you might think)

Read ’em and review ’em. Seriously, the reviews help out Sir-Writes-a-Lott, and enables him to continue sharing his great work with us all completely free.