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FREEbruary Finale

I’m not the only one getting into the free book game. Several others thought this free book giveaway stuff was pretty cool. So, in addition to yet another free book from me to you, here is a listing of some other cool books absolutely free through March 2. I know you can’t read them all now, but take a minute to go through and download each one–reading at your convenience in the future. As always, you do not need an eReader to view these eBooks. You can view any kindle book on Cloud at And also as always, when you’re done reading, a review is the ultimate form of repayment for the hard work of all these authors willing to hand out free information. Below are all the five free book?links followed by a description for each book:


WGEP 3DWhole Grains Empty Promises: The Surprising Truth about the World’s Most Overrated ‘Health’ Food is written by independent health researcher Anthony Colpo. He’s obviously the headliner here! Anthony has been a favorite writer of mine for years. Any disagreements you might have with his conclusions take a backseat to admiring the relentlessness and ferocity of his writing and research.Initially published as a series on the 180D blog in the summer/fall of 2013, this book challenges the idea that whole grains are healthier than refined grains. In fact, the iconic “health food” may not only fail to prove superior, but may actually be inferior to their tastier, refined counterparts. This is a book destined for greatness. Get if for FREE on Amazon. Click HERE to download. Or wait until it comes out on Audible, narrated by me in a couple weeks or so.


eat for heat thumbnailEat for Heat: The Metabolic Approach to Food and Drink is a steady bestseller in Amazon’s Diet Therapy category. The book discusses revolutionary new insights into the role of body fluid concentration in metabolic rate, and continues to be highly effective for individuals applying its methods. The premise is extremely simple and straightforward… By manipulating the ratio of calories, carbohydrates, and salt to fluid intake, one can largely determine the increase in metabolic rate (and body temperature) derived from that meal. Hence the name “Eat for Heat.” It’s?FREE on Amazon? Click HERE to download it. Like all of my books, there is also an audiobook version available at AUDIBLE?for a few bucks.?


Lianda 3D bookcoverDiet Industry Lies that Make You Gain Weight: Why “Eat Less Exercise More” is a Hoax Designed to Keep?You Coming Back Again?is written by former 180DegreeHealth site author, Lianda Ludwig. Lianda is an incredibly passionate woman that has helped bring some of my general information to a new demographic. She?will also be contributing to the upcoming March 1?newsletter. Check her book out.It’s FREE right now so go?check it out HERE.



gluten3dThe Definitive Way to Go Gluten-Free is written by Joe Rignola, FDN, HHC from Now, now–easy there defenders of gluten. Some people have a real problem with gluten, and removing it from the diet is profoundly beneficial. While I view?dietary restriction?as a last resort and not a first line of defense, it could very well be the answer you’ve been looking for if the metabolic work you’ve been pursuing hasn’t panned out as hoped. Joe has become a good friend recently as I’ve mentored him on modern book publishing. He’s an extremely likeable character with a? great sense of humor and an extensive background as a writer and playwright. If you’re going to read any book on the subject, I can confidently say this one is the most fun, and Joe’s recipes are solid–which says a lot coming from a total food snob like myself. It’s FREE right now so go check it out HERE.


Choc at home 3dChocolate at Home: How to Make your own Homemade Chocolate Creations out of Nature’s Most Complex and Antioxidant-Rich Food is written by?young author Ben Hirshberg. Ben is a personal trainer and something else that sounds impressive but I forgot. I have been?mentoring Ben as well (despite his love for the Seahawks, lame), and he has a very promising writing career ahead of him. Ben has been taking either baking chocolate or baking powder?and making?unique chocolate creations with them–ranging from goat cheese to?wasabi and everything in between.His method is cool and the history and health benefits of chocolate that he covers in the first?half of the book is very interesting. His book is?FREE on Amazon. Check it out HERE.?You can also?get another short free book from Ben at his website on Mindful and Intuitive Eating. He references me, so it must be good!