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Both the girlfriend and I had some slight deviations in our diets yesterday, and surprise, surprise, our fasting glucose levels were both higher this morning.  I will also point out that Aurora has been exercising like a fiend the last couple of days, which certainly can’t help much either.  That adrenaline is triggering some glycogen release.

My deviations included having some pancakes with a on old friend that I was seeing off – she’s moving to London on Monday.  They were buckwheat pancakes with a few blueberries on top, but I suspect that most of the flour used was refined, and there was probably some vegetable oil and an egg in there with ’em.  For dinner I had 1 tiny bite of the 12 pounds of St. Louis style pork ribs that I made for a Monday Night Football gathering (and ass-whoopin’ I might add).  That was probably less significant than the bean salad I had, which contained lots of avocado and I think some olive oil – and the Asian slaw I had with lots of sesame oil.

Aurora had barbecue sauce on the ribs – which at least was homemade, but contained tons of honey.  She didn’t dip, but there was a pretty sweet and spicy crust on the outside.  She had some starchy nuts as well, but not too many.

Anyway, fasting glucose this morning was 87 mg/dl for Sunshine the (mostly) vegan superhero, and 94 for Aurora, the carnivorous Jillian Michaels wannabe.  Yesterday, which I haven’t posted yet, was 84 and 85 – Sunshine pulling out a narrow victory.

Stay tuned for more action though as we wrap up this experiment.  On day 14 we plan to do postprandial (after a meal) glucose tests on our respective diets.  On the final evening we hope to eat an identical meal that combines both animal fat, protein, and starch – and test both postprandial glucose and fasting glucose the next morning.  That will reveal general improvements in eating mixed meals that our diets have allowed us – or lack thereof.