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We have a winner. This dietary experiment will forever be known as the FUDA Diet. ?F.U. Dr. Atkins! Kinda harsh treatment for a dead guy, but political correctness isn’t exactly the theme here. Whaddya expect from a guy holding a pig’s head that shares the same first and last name with one of the co-creators of South Park?

?Page realized that the (dental) plaque, decay, and deterioration he saw were all related to other physical problems his patients might be having. To understand why this deterioration was taking place, he studied more than 2,000 hospital patients and his own dental patients? blood chemistries. His studies showed that no bone loss occurred and no cavities formed when blood tests registered the following:

1. There were approximately 10 mg/dl of calcium in the bloodstream and 4 mg/dl of phosphorous. In other words, there was approximately 2.5 times as much calcium as phosphorous in the bloodstream.

2. The fasting glucose was close to 85 mg/dl in the bloodstream.

Page was curious as to what caused the calcium to phosphorous ratio to change. He also wondered why the fasting blood glucose level would deviate from 85 mg/dl. He found that sugar was the main dietary offender in upsetting the calcium/phosphorous ratio, fasting blood glucose, and the body chemistry. Page found that in the presence of excessive sugar, the phosphorous would become depleted. Since minerals only work in relationship to each other, when the phosphorous became depleted, the calcium that was there couldn’t function. Therefore, not only was the phosphorous deficient, but the functioning calcium became deficient also?Page realized that the degree of tooth decay was in direct proportion to the amount of deviation from the normal fasting blood glucose of 85 mg and the normal 2.5 to 1 ratio of calcium to phosphorous.

-Nancy Appleton; Rethinking Pasteur’s Germ Theory: How to Maintain Your Optimal Health (2002)

Not much time to post this evening. I was in a car for nine hours today. Bleh.
Morning tests were 80 for the carbomaniac and 85 for the carbophobiac. Both excellent numbers.

I had a big boy appetite today. My food intake for the day included:

3 servings steel cut oats (80 grams carbs)

1 banana

5 pears

? large papaya

1T raw honey

2 Chappatis (90 grams carbs)

Grilled tofu bowl at a Vietnamese restaurant with rice noodles and vegetables

Rice noodles, fresh herbs, and bean sprouts wrapped in lettuce leaves at Vietnamese restaurant

Large spicy cucumber and red bell pepper salad

Huge bowl of vegetable soup (with corn, barley, beans, peas, and potatoes as starch)

I’d guess my totals on the day to be at least 500 grams of carbs, if not closer to 600 grams with well over 100 grams of protein and hardly any fat other than what was in the teaspoon of crushed peanuts used as garnish at the Vietnamese restaurant. It’s a lot of work to hit 3,000 calories on such a diet, but I think I might have done it. With 100 or so grams of fiber too, my digestive tract is getting a workout ? but starting to adapt quite well.