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Alright,so blood sugar control is still excellent. On day 6 I posted a fasting glucose of 79 and this morning an 80. This, in comparison with the GF’s 89 and 85 on ultra low-carb. This puts me right in the middle of the ?perfect? range according to the work of Emanuel Cheraskin on dental health, who discovered that 75 to 85 mg/dl was the magic range. Once again, to quote Nancy Appleton:

?Dr. Cheraskin’s research suggests that fasting blood glucose is a good indicator of homeostatic mechanisms in the body.

To Appleton and the health legends she holds in the highest regard, including Melvin Page, homeostasis is everything ? the body in its most fluid, harmonious, and balanced state. She makes the bold claim that:

?So many people have thyroid problems, exhausted adrenals, insufficient estrogen (women), and glucose that is unable to get into the cells to function. All of these problems are signs of an endocrine system not functioning well. Put the body back in a state of healthy homeostasis, let it heal, and the glands will start secreting the correct amount of hormones.

I would personally revise that statement to account for cellular hormone resistance, as most people with signs of insufficient insulin (high blood sugars), low sex hormone levels, low adrenal hormone levels, and low thyroid produce plenty of each of the respective hormones and often more than can be considered normal. It’s overcoming resistance to the respective hormones that is the key, not necessarily boosting production.

But let’s be honest about this whole vegan diet. Making food like this for Aurora: a marbled slab of bacon-wrapped blackened ribeye topped with grilled asparagus and Maytag bleu cheese is pretty disheartening alongside a raw snow pea salad, a bowl of dry, air-popped popcorn, and a plate of overripe pears?

Let’s just hope this diet does not have the dreaded yo-yo effect, where cutting out fats makes their reintroduction a nightmare – perhaps due to lowered metabolism or other factors.  Keeping my fingers crossed on that one.  I will be very hesistant about recommending such a diet even to a type II diabetic if I feel like this will only serve to make him or her drift even farther from being able to eat the wholesome, hearty, and satisfying mixed diet that the human being naturally seeks.