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I’ve made it to a nice even number now ? 10 days.

What’s weird is how normal eating this way feels already. I mean, to someone who’s never tried it, eating an all-meat diet sounds pretty out there. Yet, the meat diet has such an appetite-stabilizing effect that food becomes little more than something you chew and swallow at a few particular times each day. My neutrality with eating differs little with how I feel about brushing my teeth. It’s just another daily ritual to file away with all the others. So much for Michael Pollan’s advice to ?eat food, not too much, mostly plants. What’s next Mike? ?Douse yourself in gasoline, don’t burn yourself, light a match??

Although 10 days can’t reveal much, here are the following things that I’ve noticed thus far:

On the positive side?

Amazing skin
Excellent digestion with no bloating or gas
No cravings for food of any kind ? don’t even think about it
Sound sleep
Shiny toe and fingernails
VERY stable emotions if eating at regular intervals
Reduced pain in back and some other areas ? amazing as I’ve sat for about 60 hours this week.

On the negative side?

Pain in the legs below the knees, and slight knee pain and stiffness
Rapid pulse
Thundering heartbeat
Reduced sex drive (starting to return to normal though)
Irrational Godzilla-like moods after more than five hours without food
Increased dark coloration under the eyes
Slight feeling of faintness when exercising
Occasional nausea
Tooth sensitivity

That’s the summary so far. For those curious, my weight has stayed the same, although I feel it’s dropping slightly now as I’m unable to eat as much food as I did for the first several days. No signs of muscle catabolism.

Today’s menu…

Breakfast: 6 eggs scrambled in 1.5 T butter, chicken liver and heart

Lunch: 4 ounces chicken meat and skin with lots of pork and chicken fat

Dinner: 8 ounces raw ribeye with 1T macadamia nut oil and 1/2t truffle oil