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Yesterday we addressed appetite, metabolism, lipolysis, and some goodies like that as it relates to carbohydrate consumption.

I would go into far more detail today, but I’m having some trouble sleeping on this all-meat diet! Dream recall is the best of my life; however, but for the last decade the majority of my dreams involve either urinating or defecating or both, and not being able to stop, so I can’t say the dream recall really thrills me. I go through at least 20 times the quantity of toilet paper in my dreams as I do in reality.

Actually, my sleep has felt pretty good, and my energy levels are very stable and lasting. Still, the dark coloration under my eyes ain’t lookin? so pretty. Energized perhaps, but a friend of mine saw me today and said, ?you look tired. Well, I may not be tired, but I look it. And looks tell a story of their own. Anyway?

One of the dangers of going zero carb is not being able to eat enough food. If you eat too little food, the thyroid gland slows down, cortisol rises, sex hormones decline as does libido, and as pointed out yesterday, when the thyroid is low, lipolysis, or fat burning is suppressed. That only works to dig your hole deeper.

Low thyroid secretion is also associated with a very long list of disease. That’s because of all the things that accompany hypothyroidism. It’s not all the thyroid’s fault, but the connections are endless. Broda Barnes, a Colorado thyroid specialist was truly on the cutting edge of thyroid science, having noted that a vast majority of the population suffers from this condition, somewhere in the neighborhood of 50%.

Barnes, instead of fully grasping why the thyroid gland was underperforming, looked at it as a flaw that should be medicated, and he gave tiny amounts of natural thyroid extract to most of his patients with fantastic results, including, but not limited to, a 90-something percent reduction in the incidence of heart disease amongst his patients. Low thyroid hormone may somehow directly be involved with arterial-scarring and cholesterol blockage. Personally, in all I’ve come across, it seems most likely that low thyroid secretion parallels or causes the body’s immune system to become more vulnerable, allowing systemic pathogens to overcome the body, infecting arteries, causing damage, forming lesions, triggering overproduction of cholesterol, which heals lesions, and over the long-term, causes blockages, ruptures, and all that good stuff. In other words, just as, when the body is not healthy as a result of eating processed foods, especially sugar, pathogens can overtake the teeth and cause decay as Weston A. Price observed ? or ruin the digestion as McCarrison and Burkitt observed when refined foods began to substitute for traditional staples.

I do believe, like Harvard is now suggesting, that chronic conditions are inflammatory in nature, and I believe the inflammation is in response to infection, in turn resulting in big outpourings of cortisol. Cortisol also triggers insulin resistance, raising insulin levels, and thus, the high insulin, high cortisol, low-thyroid state is perpetuated. From there, one can convict shortage or surplus of any one of these hormones of causing any disease, but it doesn’t get to the root of why those are elevated in the first place. Losing the battle with infection can be due to insufficient nutrition, too much dietary stress, staying up past your bedtime, drinking heavily, eating sugar, and many more.

Broda Barnes helped me come to this realization ? that infection is the root cause, and the reason we are surviving to have degenerative disease is only because we have the meds and resources to survive through many infections to get old enough to get them. What Barnes didn’t know; however, is that infection is not inevitable. Like Price found in his travels, or McCarrison in his laboratory with his animal subjects, a level of health could be obtained from a great diet that could grant relative immunity to even the most virulent diseases, such as Tuberculosis.

And note, avoiding infection cannot happen by living a sanitary lifestyle and avoiding contact with germs. The only way to do it is to follow healthy practices and consume nutritious foodstuffs, that you digest correctly, with the exclusion of foods that do not fit that description.

Late last night: 4 ounces grilled steak with 1T butter

Breakfast: 4 scrambled eggs and 1T butter; 2 ounces roasted duck, duck heart and duck liver cooked in 1T mac nut oil

Lunch: ? roasted duck with lots of fat and skin

Snack: 4 hardboiled eggs with 2T butter

Dinner: 8-10 ounces of some kind of grassfed beef dish, probably pan-fried hamburger-steak, with 1-2T butter (I don’t know yet, I haven’t eaten it)