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Well, so much for feeling run down. When I went to sleep my heart was pounding and my body was achy. When I woke up (with the roosters as usual), I felt next to amazing.

Sorry about all the blog turmoil lately. First I changed the domain name, throwing everybody for a loop, and then I totally transformed the look. Along those lines, I did have someone that was very displeased with the black background because it was ?hard on the eyes to read. If you are having trouble, save this under your ?Favorites? in the Feed section. Then it’ll pop up nice and plain, simple, with nothing but text ? black on a white background.

The thyroid has been the hot topic the last couple of days. It’s quite a controversy as to whether or not a zero carb diet or close to it can induce hypothyroidism in some people. My suspicions are that it can. Is it really due to low caloric intake, or is there another potential mechanism involved in reducing thyroid secretion? That’s appears to a be a pretty big question.

I don’t totally have an answer, but let’s get on the same page with the thyroid gland ? hearing from the thyroid master himself on a variety of thyroid-related topics. The master?Endocrinologist Broda Barnes, the king of great quotes:

For Bruce K. ?

?Everyone should have the privilege of playing Russian Roulette if it is desired, but it is only fair to have the warning that with the use of polyunsaturated fats the gun probably contains live ammunition.

-Barnes is a major hater of polyunsaturated fats like those found in highest concentration in common vegetable oils

On Type A personalities (high adrenal hormone levels) ?

?The cholesterols are higher in Type A and rise further during stress; a high cholesterol is common in hypothyroidism. The glucose tolerance test is somewhat reduced in Type A patients?[They] have a reduced tolerance for fats; this again may be related to thyroid function.

It is known that adrenal hormones suppress thyroid function. Lowered thyroid function inhibits lipolysis (the burning of fats for energy). Cortisol, an adrenal hormone, when elevated can trigger insulin resistance (which is why one of cortisone’s side effects is ?rapid weight gain?). Lowered thyroid hormone causes hypercholesterolemia as well. In fact, Barnes had an outstanding rate of heart disease prevention amongst his patients (94%) by administering minute amounts of thyroid hormone with little counseling on diet, exercise (which Barnes laughed at as a technique to bring longevity), smoking, etc.

My lack of need for sleep, endless energy, discoloration under the eyes, rapid pulse, etc. that I’ve noticed since going carnivore are all signs of elevated adrenal hormones. I feel great, because adrenal hormones make you feel great. They can also be your undoing?

Barnes on Hans Selye ?

?It appears to Dr. Selye that degenerative diseases might be the result of chronic over-production of adrenal hormones, and he calls the alleged state ?Over Adaptation.?Over Adaptation of the adrenal has not produced stress, but it had produced hypothyroidism which in turn had produced mucopolysaccharides described in chapter one. These compounds are present in all of our degenerative disease resulting from stress.

Barnes on cholesterol and heart disease’s relationship to thyroid ?

?In hundreds of patients treated in the last 25 years, 95 percent of the cholesterol levels have returned to normal with only thyroid therapy?atherosclerosis results from the thyroid deficiency and not from the elevated serum fats that accompany it.

Barnes on frequency of hypothyroidism ?

?Personal experience indicates that about half of the population suffers from some degree of thyroid deficiency.

Reproductive health ?

?The most frequent cause of sterility is a lack of thyroid hormone?Miscarriages are more often due to a lack of thyroid than to any other cause.

Fat Metabolism ?

??with administration of extra thyroid, the animals could tolerate much larger quantities of fat without elevating the level of fats in the blood. If the levels in the blood are elevated in hypothyroidism (too little thyroid hormone), it is no surprise that they should be found low in hyperthyroidism since the elevated metabolism would burn up more fat.

Some snippets taken from the chapter, Symptoms of Thyroid Deficiency ?

?muscles became weak?development of a pot-belly?bone development abnormal?body temperature subnormal’sluggish’sterile?anemic?repeated respiratory infections?dry scaly skin?eczema?colds frequent’tonsillitis’sore throats, middle ear infections, sinusitis, and pneumonia’styes?prevalent pimples?any abnormality of the menstrual cycle?fatigue?patients will fall asleep if they sit down for a few minutes, even to watch TV?An entire book could be written on the mental problems associated with thyroid deficiency?migraines?

That’s enough out of you Broda. Is this a danger of zero-carbing it or not? Is it just dangerous for those who are hypothyroid to go low carb? That could be a possibility, as impaired fatty acid utilization could really seal that coffin. In other words, people can’t utilize fat, and when eating mostly fat the thyroid comes to an absolute standstill. Byproducts of its improper utilization could also certainly yield toxic byproducts. Interesting, but I can’t say that I’ve had any zero-carb consequences thus far that indicate real danger?but it is very, very early still.

Today’s menu?

Breakfast: Pork stew with broth and 3T butter

Lunch: 2 ounces cheese with 8 ounces raw, grassfed, local, never-frozen new york strip with 2T mac nut oil

Dinner: 6 eggs scrambled with 3 ounces cheddar cheese and 2T butter