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Nothing new, nothing outrageous, nothing smashing today.

Virtually all induction symptoms, if you can even call them that in my case as they were all pretty minimal, are all gone. All vital signs in check.

The biggest surprise I think is the looseness of the bowels. I thought for sure after a week or two it was going to be like pushing silly putty through a syringe. Nope, in fact regularity (every day within 20 minutes of waking up), lack of straining, moisture, etc. are all good to go.

I even slept fairly well last night after all that fuss I wrote over not sleeping for very many hours. I think I slept for over 8 hours last night.

I must admit, my fears about the diet are starting to erode. My only question is ?why do so many others suffer on this diet?? This is particularly true when considering the diverse ethnic background of Arctic explorers that traveled through, lived off of an all-meat diet, some even subsisting off of, like Charles Washington discusses in his most recent article, a steady diet of muscle meat and fat in the form of pemmican. It seemed to be unanimous that the all-meat and all-pemmican diet was not only sufficient, but perhaps even preferable for the well-adjusted.

My premature conclusion is that an all-meat diet could be a viable treatment for those with high insulin levels and resulting disturbances in carbohydrate metabolism (actually, high insulin levels cause a disturbance in fat and protein metabolism as well, and bringing them under control enhances the proper utilization of those foods). Good for those with inflammatory bowel disorders as well.

But my guess is that it must be continued religiously for an extended period of time to really be truly effective. Most zero-carb experiences gone awry probably lasted for shorter periods of time, such as my measly 17 days, which was enough to cause insulin upregulation and rapid weight gain and carbohydrate sensitivity following.

That’s my guess. Anyway, that’s all for tonight. If you’ve never heard of the pemmican thing, check out Charles’s post. It’s a good one.

Breakfast: Pork face stew with 6 ounces meat, 2T butter

Lunch: 12 shrimp scrambled with 4 eggs, 3T butter

Dinner: 12 ounces ribeye, oven roasted rare, 1T butter