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?The platoon suffered from dehydration, low chloride reserves and low vitamin C reserves?The platoon was and had for 2 days been suffering from a severe acidosis as evidenced by gross ketonuria and ketonemia. During these 2 days medical examiners had already noticed acetone in high concentration on their breath.

-Canadian Military report on switching the troops to an all-meat Pemmican diet like that which arctic explorers, trappers, and natives supposedly thrived on

Excerpt taken from Vilhjalmur Stefansson’s Not by Bread Alone, 1946.

This is the result of suddenly dropping carbohydrates to zero from an otherwise normal diet rich in sugars and starches.

The Canadian military were completely wiped out by this dietary experiment in a few short days. They couldn’t eat, were vomiting, and probably had muscle cramping, severe headaches, and who knows what else. It is a great stress to the human body to suddenly eliminate carbohydrates.

But that doesn’t mean that a carbohydrate-free diet necessarily produces these results long-term. Of course there could be many long-term repercussions of going too low in carbohydrates, and that will be discussed over the coming weeks as this carnivorous FUMPing continues.

Today’s Menu, Mahalosgiving Day?

Breakfast: 6 ounces calamari steak, 8 medium shrimp, 1 slice fatty bacon, 2T butter

Snack: 2 ounces raw milk Havarti cheese, 5 medium shrimp

Lunch: Half roasted duck with at least 80 grams of duck fat + liver and heart

Dinner: 6 ounces turkey; 3 ounces raw milk cheddar cheese