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Today I had meat and lots of it. I roasted up a 7-pound slab of choice ribeye, totally untrimmed, bone-in, with a layer of fat on it thicker than my skull (if one could imagine such thickness).

All-meat action is going well still, although I’ve got two new things to report.

The first is that I was getting a little daydreamy about carbs today. I checked out a collection of Youtube videos compliments of the vegan front. Joel Fuhman, Doug Graham, and John Robbins didn’t let me down. They went on and on about the amazing merits of veganism despite defying all logic, departing completely from human dietetic history, and worst of all, being emaciated while speaking in front of crowds of emaciated people.

Don’t get me wrong. Diets like some of these superheroes recommend can be very therapeutic. A diet consisting of exclusively vitamin and mineral-rich vegetables and fruits, in their raw state (Graham), with a side of nuts and avocado? Of course such a diet is purifying, nourishing, and healing. I actually have more respect for their point of view than you can imagine, particularly Graham who claims that 16 out of his 20 weekly meals consists of only fruit ? and then he turns around and runs marathons. Now THAT, is impressive. I had trouble rolling over to keep my tan even from front to back when I was eating like that.

So yeah, I’ve been thinking about what my diet is going to be like once my 30 days is up. I’ll probably throw in lots of veggies but keep the carbs way down to further monitor how I feel on a prolonged VLCD, despite killing some of Mike Pollan’s sacred leafy friends.

Revelation number 2, is well, about number 2.

Digestion is still great in terms of how the stomach feels. No signs of indigestion whatsoever ? any diet consisting of just one food group can probably produce this result (with the exception of beans). No gas, no bloating, no discomfort. Perfection ? the digestion most people dream of having.

My bowels have slowed down a little though. It’s really the opposite of what I anticipated. One would think that as you first start out on a diet like this that the bowels would come to screeching halt and then take some time to figure out what is going on, get things moving again, and return to normal ? only smaller. In my case, it seems like Mr. Hanky is getting increasingly stickier. There is no pain, or straining, or legitimate constipation, but it’s not like a nice refreshing feeling when I hit the W.C. It’s like pushing dry clay through Play-Doh tube. We’ll see what happens between now and day 30, if anything, to help reveal whether it’s getting better or worse as I bump along.

How are other carnivores responding over the long run to this?

Today’s menu:

Prime rib, rare, with lots of fat for every meal (about 12 ounces each meal)