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I’m a free man! Holy lord I cannot wait to crack open a huge box of krispy mf?n kremes and go to town! Finally this heinous experience is over!

Nah man, I don’t think so (read in LL Cool J voice).

I’m saving my conclusions for tomorrow, but I will say that this was probably the easiest restricted diet I’ve ever had to follow with the exception of Schwarzbein’s program. It’s easy to follow a diet that eliminates cravings, hunger, and addictive eating behavior, am I right?

And I will confess to eating some guacamole last night at a Christmas party, plus I did have those two glasses of wine a while back. But I’d say I followed it pretty darn close.

I’m not sold on it, nor do I plan to fully continue it. I am over very-low-carb phobia however, and plan to follow a very, very low carbohydrate diet in the immediate future ? especially during a Colorado winter where, if seeking carbohydrates this time of year, I would have to eat a lot of tree bark. I don’t think the Utes that once lived in the area ate much besides elk this time of year.

I will say that if you are a lamb living within a 100 mile radius of Carbondale, Colorado, you better run if you have hopes of becoming a sheep. Consider yourself warned.

My only concern is that, as far as towns go, Carbondale is very carbohydrate dense. There’s one whole CARB in CARBondale. Break out the glucose meter.

Until tomorrow?