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This all-animal stuff is a piece of cake. Uh, uh, I mean piece of uh, flesh.

I’m not suffering in any shape, form, or fashion at the moment. For the last two mornings I did have very slight signs of fecal compaction, but I wouldn’t call it constipation, it required no straining (the key), and I even had deuce deuces today, so I think I’m in the clear on that one.

Kinda pressed for time this evening, so the discussion of addiction and up/down regulation will have to wait for tomorrow.

I will say that I had a slight anorectic moment this morning. I had four or five bites of my delicious eggs and suddenly thought I was going to puke. But hey, I powered through it all the way to the last bite and had a really strong day. Even got in a little exercise (heart thumping a little harder than usual, but I had stupid amounts of energy).

For those who’ve had all kinds of lethargy, headaches, dizziness, nausea, and other ill effects upon trying a super low-carb diet ? I can honestly say that those effects were due in part to sugar-withdrawal symptoms paired with insufficient preparation (i.e. ? tapering down carbohydrates gradually so as to ease the body and digestive tract into the transition ? just as crazed dietary lunatics like Gregory Ellis insist).

Let you know how the rest of the journey goes, but the forecast, so far, is looking pretty good ? as am I. I think I could start charging people to pet my hair right now, which felt totally different just 1 week ago. It’s softer than a kitten covered in cotton, wrapped in a fleece blanket, and bouncing through a fabric softener commercial.

Today’s menu:

Breakfast: 6 eggs scrambled with 1 ounce brie and 2T butter

Lunch: 12 ounces fatty ribeye

Dinner: 1 pound fresh Hawaiian pork belly fried in a little macadamia nut oil (from a pppp-PLANT ? Oh God! Hope the meatkateers don’t crucify me for that). Localvores are givin? it up big time though. My dinner traveled like 5 miles to get to my mouth.