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Okay, it’s late and I’m way too tired to write much.

I did experience some nausea last night in the middle of the night. It was not pleasant. I didn’t hork but the feeling I had was so disgustingly awful. It didn’t beckon me to eat carbs or anything, heaven forbid. It did make me want to steer clear of pork for a while though, which reminds me?

I forgot to mention my menu du jour yesterday. To the best of my memory, it was:

Breakfast: 5 eggs fried in 1T butter. 2 ounces Brie

Lunch: 1 pound pork belly

Dinner: 1 pound pork belly

Today I hit some low carb irritability. It was beyond rational. I’m lucky all my personal possessions are still intact. It was very reminiscent of Michael J. Fox as he leans forward across the counter at the liquor store and says, slowly, ?Give me a keg of beer. This is a perfect comparison, especially seeing, as I mentioned yesterday, that my ears are now pointed and I have hair growing out of my forehead. OWWW-OWWW! Wolfman!

Today’s menu was very nice. I’d say I enjoyed it thoroughly. Say what you want about an all-meat diet’s appeal, but I promise you, I don’t care what you ate today, my lunch was better than yours ? the best thing I’ve eaten in a long time:

Breakfast: 7 scrambled eggs with 2T butter. 2 cups shrimp head/crab tomalley broth with 2T butter

Lunch: 10 ounces super-tender fatty ribeye, sliced raw, seasoned with 2T macadamia nut oil, 1t Poggio Antico white truffle oil, cayenne pepper, sea salt, and a few fresh thyme leaves (Plant! Yikes! C?mon, even dogs eat grass sometimes).

Dinner: 6 soft-boiled eggs, 4 ounces Fontina cheese

And that’s all folks. Feeling more normal with the exception of waking up as if I’m on speed at precisely 5:55am every day now, and having massive nausea attacks in the middle of the night. Yesterday’s headache is pretty much gone, but still lingers ever-so-slightly.