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Day 9 and going strong?

Got a little exercise today and definitely felt a little faint in comparison to my usual self. My heart was still pounding unusually hard and fast for the amount of exertion I was putting out there.

I was really busy doing a bunch of other writing today. As we speak I think I’ve already topped the 20-page mark, so I’ll save my juice for the commemorative Day 10, which is, for those who aren’t mathematicians, tomorrow.

Today’s menu was pretty exciting. I cooked for convenience today, not variety, and it wasn’t all that enjoyable to be honest. Still, the nice thing about the diet so far is that food is something you stick in your mouth, chew, and swallow. It’s like a whole new level of neutrality surrounding food. I don’t think much else of food in general and can just get along with my day. It’s nice. So, here goes:

Breakfast: Chicken roasted in leftover bacon grease topped with extra butter

Lunch: Ditto

Dinner: Ditto

Snacks: Ditto

I did have 2 ounces of that Fontina I’ve been hitting right before breakfast, but that’s it. Chicken with chicken and more chicken. I did eat the gizzard and will eat the rest of the organs tomorrow even though there was some nasty green lovin? on the liver that will probably kill me.

I can definitely say that, so far, raw meat, in the form of red meat and raw fish, is much more enticing on this diet than cooked meat and seafood.

Bowels are flowing flawlessly for all those interested in that. Had me a nice one within 20 minutes of waking up. Although, I will not be satisfied until it jumps out of the toilet and sings a song of Christmas cheer. When I find a diet that produces that result, I will have found ‘the one. I hear that singing feces requires having a lot of fiber in your diet though, but I remain skeptical about that.